Sunday, 13 September 2009

Eyebrow Raising

I was getting ready for a shower when Micah ran in and announced, "I need to poo-poo, Mom."

So I dawdled a bit in the room, as he is usually quite fast.
Sure enough, he chirped "I'm done," just as I got all my clean clothes out of the closet.

As I washed him, he asked,
"Mom, what do you call that again? The one that only girls have."

"Err...? You mean where they shee-shee (pee) from?
Oh, man. Are we gonna hit the B&B Qs again?

"No, the other one you said."

Now I am puzzled and honestly scared. I don't know what he's asking about and I'm not sure if I have the time to prepare the answer appropriately. This is like a pop quiz of life!

"What 'baby' again?

"Oh, you mean ..."

"Baby fat!
Yeah, baby fat*. Now I remember. I like that."

He chuckles as he walked out of the bathroom, leaving me laughing, shaking my head and my jelly-belly.

Yeah, only girls (moms) have them: Baby-fat.

*It was my older sis who told me of the term "baby fat". It's the fat you gain with every baby you have. He over heard me telling that to Gadget-daddy and since that, more that 4 months ago, he will now and then bring up the topic.


JLow said...

I am kinda waiting for Caitlin to ask me about that appendage she sees on Caleb whenever he is changed infront of her.

So far she hasn't... and its been 1.5 years!

Now I am wondering why she hasn't!

mumsgather said...

Haha. I thought he was referring to breasts.

little prince's mummy said...


Moomykin said...


I think she has kinda figured it out, that that is what makes boys and girls different.

A friend actually explained to her child that these are how you are determined if you're a boy or girl, and I thought that was pretty good an answer.
(Lets not complicate their lives right now about hermaphrodites.)

Moomykin said...


My boys are ok with breasts as they see me breastfeed all the time.

The only thing is I have to now remind them not to touch mine anymore, as not it's the baby's turn. So they are also beginning to understand the need to be precocious about certain parts of the anatomy, especially on another body.

Moomykin said...

Little prince's mummy,

Yeah. Micah can really surprise you and make you laugh.

Ann said...

LOL !!!

Thank God you didn't blubber out a new word!!

Babyfat is sure a ok!!

And wow....6 months later??