Wednesday, 30 September 2009

State Of Mind

Was writing this in an e-mail to a friend, and thought of you, my blog buddies and visitors, and thought you should be in this loop...

As you know, we will be moving to Singapore soon.
Seems like too soon... But I'm sorta not* thinking about it.

It's not that I'm that busy preparing for the move, not yet for now, but that I am trying to give more time to the three boys while I can.
I think when we are down in Singapore on our own, I'd really have a lot less time, and maybe less patience due to lack of sleep and a lot less 'me' time.

So in the day time I am either nursing Myron, or carrying him and playing with him.
Or I'd be playing with the two boys, or attending to their basic needs like getting snacks or getting them cleaned.
I also try to get them to do something 'productive' like some crafts or reading or some games that will enrich them one way or another. So all these need Mommy to be present.
Occasionally I take a snooze with Myron, when I can't keep my eyes peeled. He seems to sleep better smelling Mommy beside him. :D

In the night, when they are asleep, my Gadget-daddy is usually doing something on the computer, or we will try to catch a movie together (rent on-line from i-tunes).
Yeah, we are also trying to have a bit of "we" time before he heads down south first.

There are a few things that I am anxious about:
I am not sure if we can register the boys in time for school next year, even if it is just kindy, but it seems they are very serious about placement there.

I am also worried for Micah if he can catch up with the other kids there. Not meaning to sound "kiasu", but I know I don't want him to feel lost in class and being teased by other kids for being slow or "stupid", which of course he is not.
I know.. I know.. I am just imagining the worst.
Hahaha... but that's what I'm worried about.

Max will still be in kindy K1 so not too stressed, as it's the year they start learning to read and write etc.
Just that he might have adjustment problems about a new place and no koh-koh in the class with him.
Max is quite reserve when it comes to meeting other kids. Most of the time he is quite ok with adults.

Personally, I think I will move into D-gear.
I already know in a time of stress my first reaction is to try to be practical and run like a robot, not daring to feel.
Because I know I will feel lost and scared of being lost (literally) and wonder if I can fix 3 meals for everyone while I still have to attend to the boys.
And to do all that and keep calm, not be in a frenzy and yelling all the time. Eeek!!

I know they will adjust faster than I, and will do fine.
Just that right now, with 2 more adults in the house, they really get a lot of things done for them, and things get done properly.
So if they were to do a bit more for themselves, as I know they would have to, I may have to cope with crazy shower time, tolerate not-so-well brushed-teeth and keep my cool while I'm uncertain if they will clean themselves properly in the toilet after a 'big' one.

The 'biggest' thing that we will have to change, I think, is that the boys will have to feed themselves.
Yes, I am talking about the 2 big boys. Right now, at home, grandpa feeds them at breakfast and Mommy feeds them at dinner.
Yes, we adults are to be blamed, because we want no mess to clean up, and we want them to eat faster and make sure the eat a substantial amount.
So when we are on our own, in a sense I know they will actually adjust, because there will be no extra hands to pamper them.

I feel like we are heading for an earthquake.
*getting goosebumps*
*nibbling my nails*

* On my mental list:
kitchen ware
dining ware
bath stuff
Housekeeping - buckets, mats, washclothes,


Ann said...

My first move as a kid was when I was in Std 2, leaving all my friends behind....

Maybe have a serious talk with the little ones. THey may surprise you.

It would be very different, but at least less headaches of other sorts....

Will keep you in prayer. God will see you through.

And gosh....Myron looks so cute posing with his bigger brothers. Must really meet up once before you leave for good!!!

InfanT said...

Will keep you in guys in prayer..I'm sure you guys will be fine.

mumsgather said...

Oh, I feel your stress. Change is always stressful. But I'm sure you will be fine. After all, I can see that you have started to mentally prepare yourself here already. Hopefully you can stay online and talk to your blog readers whenever you need to.

I can so relate to you about the feeding, not wanting to mess things up, wanting to make sure they eat enough thing. Now, its so difficult to wean them off feeding. Harder then weaning off breastfeeding. hahaha. And its all my own fault.

Angeline said...

New change, new challenges, still, a Mommy got to do what a Mommy needs to do.

So when you are in a different environment, its only right to spend more time with your 3 lovables and staying away from blogging for a while (note its 'awhile')... don't make us wait too long... *giggle*

we would love to know how you are doing over here... *hugs*

TripleJin said...

It's going to be allllllright!

Trust me.

Think of a daily routine..stick with it, and you'll be less stressed.

You may find your boys growing faster, as they hv to be more independent. Always tell them, to help you whereever they can (Pick up their toys at the end of the day, put away their things when they come home from somewhere).

You'll find very overwhelming at first, but remember..tomorrow is another brand new day! And it always gets better, no matter what.

(and if it doesn't..take some st.john's wort..HA HA helps relieve my stress)

little prince's mummy said...

So many things to think of for moving~~~~~~~~ Good luck for the new environment......

pepperboy said...'re not going to be there when i come back :( Will be sad to miss you guys in church. Maybe I'll visit when I go to singapore.

Moomykin said...


Thanks for sharing.
Thank you for remembering us in your prayers. I sure need that.



Thank you.

Moomykin said...


Yes, change is always painful. But some pain is always needed for room to grow and grow to be better.

I think because my first was such a picky eater, we all moved into the panic mode and always need to make sure the kids eat enough. some security for ourselves. Hahaha..




Thanks for the encouragement.
I will try to keep you guys updated.

Moomykin said...


I always think of you and am amazed at how you cope with 3 boys on your own, plus blog.

I'm glad at least my sis is there in case I need any pointers about the place I can always ask.

Worse case scenario, I'll just dump the 2 boys with her so I can breath a little. Hahaha...


Little prince's mummy,


In all my life I have only moved once, and that was at 6 years old, and then after we got married, we moved to a bigger place which was 5 mins away so that we have more space. So moving house is a big deal to me.

Moomykin said...


Well, it's relatively near KL still, and yes, do come visit us when you are down in S'pore.

Moomykin said...


Well, it's relatively near KL still, and yes, do come visit us when you are down in S'pore.

Our Jouneys.... said...

Move is never never easy. Many things will change, u and your family will need lots of support. That will help much in your adjustment. Well Singapore is just few hours away from KL and it's still consider home in terms of culture so will be oklah.

Are you going to employ any help to clean de house and cook? Will be difficult to handle kids and house at the same time.

Anyhow...take care yah

|Elpida said...

wow, time does fly and you and your family will be in s'pore...

*lynne* said...

Hi dearie, I've been very lax about keeping up with your blog, finally today I'm going thru all the posts... moving to Singapore?! when??! You have all my sympathies -- not for the location, but for the process! Hubby and I moved twice in little over 2 months, thankfully still within the same state... and thankfully the second move went so smoothly compared to the first one. Can't imagine having to do that, with 3 kids in tow, and crossing the Malaysia/Singapore border. All the best to you!

Moomykin said...

Our Journey,

I trust you know what you are saying, considering your move before coming back.

There are many things to figure out still. The first thing is to find our place to stay before we make other decisions.


Moomykin said...



Come drop by for a visit anytime.