Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Social-bug Baby

Myron cried today when I said good-bye to him as we headed out to send his two big brothers to school.

Yes, this almost 7 month baby now knows when he is being left behind.

Of course we also had the 10 days with him all the time during the Raya break.

Myron is such a social bug, just like his first bro.
At shopping malls, or at restaurants, we would always look at people around him and smile at anyone who calls out or coo at him.

He loves being around people.
He loves the presence of another human being. Even if he is happy to be playing by himself, he would still call out for another person just to be with him.
He is not demanding that you play with him, but that you be with him.
Very "strange" and so seemingly deep in a grown-up way.

Well, it's just a few more weeks before the school holiday starts. Then he will have us all with him everyday.

Happy little baby.

p/s- His 2 upper teeth are just cutting through his gum. So this almost 7 month old has 4 teeth already. And he is still in the process of getting himself sitting up without help. Doing quite well in his progress.


Ann said...

Oh...he loves his kai-kai!!! wah....can't wait to see him flash a smile at me! :)

Moomykin said...


He has the most charming smiles:

shy away when you first greet him;

smiles with his eyes half closed (like semi-circles) when you make a funny face;

stares at you, all bright-eyed, and smiles when you talk to him.

Myron's just so lovely, and his brothers say that of him too.