Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Recycle Freak

Occasionally one of my many panic buttons gets pushed.

This one was to go hug a tree... Well, kinda to that effect.

It was the day after we got back from Singapore.
It started with the simple thought of re-using a couple of plastic containers we had put put snacks in for the journey. When we got back, I washed the containers, packed them into a plastic bag to reuse them when I go buy snacks for the kids after school.

That's when I suddenly realised we had a ton of such containers stacked up under the kitchen counter and the giddiness began.

I matched a cover to each one of these and then packed them into two bags for the playgroup, where it would come in handy, as sometimes some moms are so generous with their snacks we get to pack their goodies home.

I also took out the boys' travelling-utensils and kept them in the car.

Now I also can refuse plastic forks and spoons from restaurants/coffeshops when I pack food for them after school.

I also carry three plastic bags in my handbag for in-case-I-decide-buy-something-at-the-supermarket. The three plastic bags are of different sizes. Easier to fold them into my handbag than to lug those reusable shopping bags that are thick and huge.



TripleJin said...

AI! I'm just like you. Storing containers like nobody's business!!

Also..the scissors bit! I bring mine out everytime we eat out. Makes life so much easier..!!

Moomykin said...


I know... and I actually like containers.
It's like walking in the candy aisle when I hit the containers section at the kitchenware aisle at the supermarket. *Drool*

I actually just started carrying the scissors. But, yes, it's very handy because my boys love noodles and sometimes they are just too tong for them to eat without chocking.

Ann said...

Oh...the scissors....now why didn't I think of that earlier....considering my son loves noodles!!

And yes....I recycle alot of these white containers too. Except when they get too oily and the use of soap going down the drain nullifies the effect of saving the container on the environment!!!

Happy recycling!