Friday, 2 October 2009

Charming and Disarming

A teasing smile - If you were to greet him at the door as you come in, he will flash a smile but quickly hides his face.

I-like-you smile - As you talk to him, he will stare at you with the his lips slightly agape, but you will see a smile forming there.

Delighted smile - When you play with him and tickle him, he sometimes giggles and laughs, but he will mostly give you the delighted smile where his whole face lights up and his cheeks pushes up and his eyes are in the shape of semi-circles.

But you should hear him chuckle and giggle when his big brother is making funny faces and funny noises which seems to really crack him up.


Linda said...

so lucky to have 2 big brothers....
you can't sleep at this hour ah? hehe...

Ann said... it that the big brother can make him soooo happy !!!It's wonderful to know that the boys can play with each other and enjoy each other.

How is Max doing with not being the youngest anymore?