Wednesday, 17 October 2007


Finally I am able to blog.
... Daddy's been so busy with work that he may come back early, but sits in front of the computer and do more work. Sometimes he comes back late, about 11pm, and still work on the comp. So he's been "hogging" the computer again.
... But so many little things I'd had wanted to put on the blog now seems a distant memory, more than a week ago... Now gotta play catching up.

Finally, both boys sent off to Dreamland.
... Just before, Micah threw up. There goes his dinner and milk. Our ever concern is if he is getting enough nourishment. He is such a picky eater. I name him the Carbovourous, He would love just plain black noodle and second would be rice with some gravy and baby corn. He loves toufu, but he also has his moods. It's really on an occasional basis that he will eat chicken, fish or pork. Beef is never on his taste bud.
Anyway, I shall just congratulate myself for having dealt with the vomiting on my own. Mike left for Bangkok for work today for a couple of days.
... But there is still a slight awful stench lingering in the bathroom.

Finally, we got more shelves.
... Hooray! Since we moved into this new place 4-5 years ago. Lotsa stuff have remained in boxes. It's really because we did all the structural renovations and at the end we took a long time trying to furnish the place. Also, because of Daddy's nature of perfectionism, not just any piece of furniture would do. It has to be as he imagined it... so it's taken us eons to get to "it".
... But Daddy left before he settled a few more of his stuff, so I'm left to deal with all the details...which is a tough thing to do with 2 exploring boys around.

There are days like these where I just feel my life is in a scramble...all to messy... makes me feel like screaming... but I just want to sleep now...


Ann said...

Heh....did you change your blog-look??

hehehe....guess you are one person who can't stand mess and htings left undone yeah!

Get your boys to help you sort out the that possible??? :)

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

On the contrary I am quite tolerant...up to a certain point. Then I will want to scream when it's come to the last straw. So Mike gets the occasional blow-ups of my "I have no personal space!" Hahaha...

I wish I could get the boys to help, but at this stage it is almost impossible. They will pick up a book each and ask to be read to. Other wise it would be an excavation exercise: they will dig and pour out everything and "swim" in the books... or whatever else.