Thursday, 4 October 2007

On My Own

Mike always teases that I am pampered with lots of help and little to worry about.

To a great extend that is true. I have been blessed in may ways, especially when it comes to family and friends, I think I am about the happiest human being of all. Plus - get this -

Since the time I started driving, that's the last 16 years, I have never had to pay for the car I drive. I started driving my grandpa's car and became his chauffeur because he was having vision problems, then I took over my dad's car when he too began losing his vision due to his sickness. Then Mike let me use his old car after my mom sold my dad's old junk, and now, since Mike sold that green car, I use either my in-law's car or Mike's to get around. And all my friends who know me knows I go out every day, even if it's just to the shops near by or to my mom's.

Anyway this evening Mike worked until really late so I was on my own with 2 boys. It's a feel of what it'll be like should we be entirely on our own.

All was well with dinner and washing up. Then at 9.30pm, we headed up to the room.

Reading before bed:

My sis had bought the two boys a book each - each his own favourite. Max has the Disney-Pixar Cars, and Micah has Spencer from Thomas and Friends series. Both have been excited since they got them this morning. So now both boys want Mommy to read their books at the same time and they don't want to share. Micah was at least interested in the Cars book, but the two boys wanted to look at different pages at the same time. Then when I took to reading Micah his book (he wanted Green Eggs and Ham too), Max started shouting for Mommy to read "Cars! Cars!" taking turn was the only way... with a lot of interruptions in between. I was horse after reading 3 books two times over.

Then Max wanted to sleep in his hammock swing/cradle downstairs so I had to pursuade Micah to come along. Strategy: send one into slumberland first and then deal with the other. Just we step out of the room, Max got distracted by some DVDs by the TV. Both boys asked to watch something. Mommy repeatedly said "No, sorry. It's bed time." Micah then decided he wants his milk in his bottle. Ok. All back into the room, at least no battle here.

10 minutes later, I was getting Micah to brush his teeth when Max came into the bath room. Mommy and Micah were battling over squeezing the tooth paste, fiddling with all the stuff on the bathroom counter and running the tap. Suddenly I heard some splashing behind me. I turned around in a flash and saw Max stirring the toilet bowl with toilet spray, wrist deep! Panic!

"Max!!! That's so dirty! Don't put your hand in there again!"
Micah laughed. He thought it was all so funny. Didn't do any good in helping Max to stay away from the bowl.

Almost done with the brushing when I heard Max at it again. This time, after I scooped him up to wash his hands I locked him outside the bathroom. He started crying and screaming for all the reasons an almost 2 could have.

Then I as I was concluding the teeth-brushing, I brushed Micah's bad tooth and he started crying. I am sure that was purely out of pain. I comforted him but he was still bawling.


Two boys bawling. Made milk in the bottle for Micah and nursed Max. Both boys finally fell asleep and I got to the laundry. 00:06 hrs.


Ann said...

hehehe....what a day !

I only have one lil one who and I am already close to breaking down!

Guess have not truly adjusted yet.

All I want now is ONE good night's sleep! haha....

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

I know. It can be like a circus here at any time of the day. hahaha...

Have fun with your cutie.