Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Tricky B&B Qs

Micah asked some tricky birds and bees questions the last two days.

Q 1. Testicles

I was putting on his diapers for him 2 nights ago and he was checking out his own anatomy.

Micah: Mommy, what's this thing? (squeezing one of the two)
Mommy: Don't do that (trying not to sound too panicky).That's what you need when you're big to be a Daddy.
Micah: What? How to be a Daddy?
Mommy: Yes. That's how you'll have your baby. Then you'll be a Daddy.
Micah: But I'm not a girl. I cannot have a baby. XB (cousin sister) is a girl. Next time she can have a baby.
Mommy: Yes, but all babies must have a Daddy too, right?

Silence for a couple of seconds.

Micah: Where's Daddy?
Mommy: Downstairs, doing some work.
Micah: Can we read still?
Mommy: No, it's time to sleep.

Phew. Escape!
I'm sure he'll come back on this on another time least expected. Just hope it won't be in a too public a place.

2. Girls' Anatomy

Max was already asleep. I was going to get a quick shower, so I asked Micah to take his milk first and I'll come back to snuggle in a while. As I walked into the bath room, he came in after me..

Micah: Mommy, girls have no k-k-jiao (penis)? Then how do they shee-shee?
Mommy: Well, there is also a place, near the bum.
Micah: Let me see yours. I want to see it. Where?
Mommy: No you can't. Go drink your milk.

Mommy pushed him out of the bath room and made sure the door is locked.
I was lost between being baffled and bewildered.
Definitely nervous.

Where is Gadget-daddy?! Hey isn't this suppose to be your job?!
You settle the boys and I'll do the girls (if and when any).


pepperboy said...

Lol....your posts always makes me laugh or smile some way or another. Ah the birds and the bees. Maybe you could get him a human anatomy book. :)

hissychick said...


Now you know how Toddlerdaddy felt when A told him about her 'bolva' :)

Angelia said...


there's this great book on birds/bees for kids, very age appropriate. They will say embarassing things to you in public lah or to the oldies. J2 told my mum "you dont have a penis do you grandma, you have a vagina cos you ar e a lady." the expression on my mum's face was something to see!

K hasnt asked anything yet, he just thinks that if I sit down on the loo, it means Im doing a poo, cos thats what he does LOL

Js have asked abt where do babies come from (funnily only to my mum, poor woman LOL), I got the book but not read it with them I think. But they love books abt the human body etc so we talk abt it.

My fav "get out of answering" thing is I will tell you when you are older (give some magic figure). If you act calm and comfortable and nonchalent, its ok :) then they forget abt it. and to them boobs are where u feed babies.

they will alway touch their bits and pieces LOL we still shower and change in front of them, not sure if I should stop yet, sometimes its not convenient esp if Im by myself ya know?

it's only going to get more fun!

JLow said...

Caitlin has walked in on me before. She stares. Not sure if it's cos of the appendage, or that Eeeyer... hair? THERE??

Now that she has a little brother, she stares at his too when we are changing him.

So far, no questions asked. She seems to have accepted that boys and girls are different; could be that she has also started pre-school... I don't know if she hasn't thought about the difference, or that she has shelved the question for a later date; more likely the latter, given my better understanding of her character now..

Now, is this more a same-gender-to-same-gender talk (dads to sons, mums to daughters) talk, or is there a way or standard spiel to tackle this??

Ann said...

Wondering too if similar genders will handle these things beter? I don't think girls ask too many questions coz we don't have anything protuding out!

I guess it is not the embarassment of explaining the science (and keep it simlple) to them. More what words to use that they will understand?

hmmm.....it's always nice to know people who will go before me! Keep on with the sharing please!

Our Jouneys.... said...

lol...real funny and quite embarassing and difficult to explain. Did u tell Mike? Wat was his reaction?

Moomykin said...


ell, ,this Mommy has a couple human anatomy book, but both look at internal organs. Hahaha...

So he know the kidneys and bladder and tubes, the lungs, the digestive system and the womb, but nothing to show for what you can see with the naked eye. Oops. Time to get another book.



I know. It's still not too bad if they just say it, but it really made me jump when he asked to see "Yours"! Hahaha... That was so unprepared for.

Moomykin said...


Oh, grandparents just can't handle these stuff.

Once Micah saw grandma's bra on the bed and said to her "That's for covering your boops, right?" And she just burst out laughing and asked who told him. Not very helpful but entertaining I guess.



Micah asked his Daddy about the hair before and he got this answer, "All big people have them, and you'll have them too when you're an adult."

Same gender sex-ed is just a little more comfortable I guess. I can't imagine if you have to explain the cycle of the ovum to Caitlin. Hahaha... But everything explained is so textbook. In real life some things could be a little different.

Moomykin said...


Good for you to know some "sample" answers to give to the kids. hahaha...

Well, I remember I asked my mom where I came from when I was 3 and she'd give me different answers every time I asked, like "Someone left you at our door," or " We found you at the rubbish dump," etc. Not very good for a child's sense of security and nothing of sex-ed. But my mom's very traditional and can't talk about these things.

When they are ready to ask some serious questions, they are ready for some serious answers. We just need to be wise in how we put it and up to which level.


our journeys,

Of course I reported all these to Micah's daddy. He laughed.
Oh, he also reads my blog. Just don't put in any comment. :) But he will tell me what he thinks or will laugh too at some of the funny stuff. :)

I'm sure all of our spouses read our blogs.... unless they are too busy for a while or if you're keeping it a secret from them. OOps!

Angelia said...

hahahhahhaa yeah, grandparents cant deal with it. Not sure D can deal with it either LOL Mummy gets all the questions.

I remember all those questions I used to get,usually in the middle of a shopping centre at full volume so I try and answer lor, I know those people around also listening in! LOL

I remember taking my niece underwear shopping and j2 would ask me, why she has to wear a bra, she's not a mummy or nursing. They know abt boobs etc, so I kinda said thats what older girls and ladies have to wear. He says why? I had to say cos they need the support, then I thought ok th ewhole fatty tissue etc support thing, maybe a bit much.

so I just left it at that, and he moved on LOL

Its funny how they always ask the grandparents !!!!!!

Moomykin said...


so far Gadget-daddy has managed to escape all these funny hot seat questions cos he's been busy at work. The time he as with the kids are mainly just fooling around. :)

we Mums really have got to be so clever, don't we? LOL!