Thursday, 12 July 2007

Sea Side Super

We were in Kuantan, Pahang, for a wedding and we made sure the boys got to go to the sea side, even though it was a very short trip.

The night before we left, I got them ready for thr trip. I told them we were going to Kuantan, it's the seaside and (sung to the tune, chorus, of "I could have danced all night" in "My Fair Lady"):

We can build sandcastle, and we can swim in the sea/ And drink some coconuts/ We can pick sea shells and we can run in the sun / And we'll have lots of fun/ We'll take a drive, we're going to Kuantan/ It is a place beside the sea. So... (repeat whole chorus)/ We are going to Kuantan.

And both the boys made mommy sing this over and over many times that night and also on the journey there. Well, it's a good four hour drive, so it entertained them a bit.

We stayed at the MS Garden Hotel and the place was a full-house. I think there were maybe three weddings being hosted there because all the rooms were taken. We couldn't even get a double bed room for ourselves. On top of that, I think the staff themselves were blown away because they really didn't know how to cope with the volumn of guests.

The joke of the trip was when I said to our KL friends that we must go to the beach before we leave and one said, "Got beach here-ah?" Well, for a lot of them it was their first time to Kuantan, so can't blame them. So off we went and had a great time.

It was Max's maiden trip to the beach and he loved it. He grabbed sand in his hands and threw then at the waves. He and Micah tried building a sandcastle but found the sea too alluring so we all spend most our time there wading the waves and picking a few seashells.

I asked Micah what did the sea taste like and his answer: Lemon.
Lemon?! I told him it's salty, like his favourite mushroom soup (but Mommy's not really accurate either).

A couple of days later when Max was crying over something I just said, "Let mommy kiss away your salty tears," and Micah wiped Max's tears with his finger and tasted it. Hmmm... I wonder if he though it tasted like the sea?


Ann said...

Building our kids' happy-memory-bank is a parent's biggest task!Brought up in Penang, I think my happiest memories were that at the beach! Hope you get to bring your kids to the beach more often!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Glad to hear that. :)
My parents were great too. They were from Taiping so we had a lot of good memories of that little town - the beautiful lake gardens and waterfalls.