Saturday, 2 February 2008

Guilty Angry Mom

It's one of those times I want to pull my hair out because I can't get the boys to sleep.

Bad enough that the boys are hyperactive, but tonight, because Daddy came home late from work (9pm and it's a Saturday!!), they played with him for all it's worth until 10pm and I had to send Daddy out of the room to try to settle them. Battled the boys into brushing their teeth.

With all the play they had done, there was no way they were going to give in to sleep now.

They kept running in and out of the room. Mommy constantly calling out: Come into the room now!

I tried to arrest one boy at a time. Did not work. Max came in, nursed, fussed over his diaper, insisted he wanted to pee in the potty. No Pee. Back to trying to put on the diaper. "No, shee-shee potty first." No pee. Back to the bed.. On and on goes this merry-go-round. Mommy lost count. He ran off downstairs.

Micah came in with some blocks built into a tunnel. Played with it. Asked for milk. Drank milk. Went back to play.

Max came in with a corn-cream bun. Insisted he wanted to eat it. (Both boys had brushed their teeth.) Max crushed Micah's tunnel. Screaming and crying Micah gets Mommy to reconstruct the tunnel.

Boys fought over the bun. After Mommy tired calming the boys down to sharing the bun, Micah walked out. He slammed the door. He came in and slammed the door again.

Mommy blew up. Micah got 2 strokes. Grandparents came to his rescue.

Was at the tip of my tongue to scold a certain adult in the house for giving the boys food at this hour. Wanted to tell him to brush their teeth for them himself, as if he doesn't know the plight of their dental problems and how hard it is to get them to brush their teeth!!

Max was running around the room with the bun (I had just mopped the room and changed the sheets a few hours ago!).

I started to blog and Micah came up to hug and apologise.

He is back to running around outside and slamming other doors...

Max has escaped to downstairs again...

No one wants to sleep.
I give up.
I am so angry and tired I just want to sleep and before i lose it again...


Ann said...

Oh dear....that sounds bad!

But in the midst of all....its good that Micah still came in to apologise and hug!

hang in there!hang in there!

And please don't feel guilty.....moms are human too and we are allowed to get angry sometimes!


Pray, pray....God help us!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Honestly, being a mom is the hardest job because everyone expects you to be all full-of-grace and they also judge you by your conduct as well as you kids' conduct.

hissychick said...

Yikes Kathie, I so know what it's like when the little treasures play tage team and refuse to sleep. We might be super Mums but that doesn't make us superhuman.

I hope the boys have been sleeping better for you. Take care