Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Like On Tour - Taiping, Day 2

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The next morning we had breakfast at the market. The food was good. Even though the price has been raised since Chinese New Year, it's still much cheaper than in KL. (Sorry, no mouth-watering pictures to show. Too busy feeding the boys and myself.)

We then visited my grandma for a while. She was asleep at first when we arrived, so my boys played around the garden. Then they went in to see their great grandma, just to shake hands, ask if she had eaten, then they ran off to play again.

We had earlier decided to go visit my mum's older sister, my boys' grandaunt, who lives in a fishing village in Perak. Both her sons are there, one into supplying frozen seafood all over Malaysia and the other running a seafood restaurant.

When we arrived, we stopped by see my cousin running the restaurant. It was also close to lunch time, but the thrill for the boys was seeing live crabs and getting to play with a couple.

After a quick lunch, we went to where the other cousin is. His family live closer to the river mouth and you can see the sea right our of the window. When my siblings and I were little we hung around this place like every year. My dad would drive us here and we'd stay the whole day, eating, playing, walk along the boardwalk, looking at trawler-fishing boats. Occasionally we'd take the boat out to sea where my dad would do some fishing. Sometimes my parents would let us swim in the sea. (It's actually quite dirty due to the people and fishery industry. In fact, when we were little this place did not have any electricity nor modern plumbing. It was always icky to have to go to the "toilet" and we were laughed at when we asked for the dustbin coz everyone just threw everything out of the window and expected the sea to magically make the trash disappear. Thankfully it's a little better now, with more environmental education and there are enforcements of cleanliness in the place.)

The half day stay sure was a thrill for my city babies. They had never seen so many boats and they even got to ride in a parked boat - something my siblings and I enjoyed too, when we were kids (yeah, we too are city slickers :P).

We headed home a little after 4pm and reached KL about 8pm. Had dinner with my family and then just in time to pick Daddy up dfrom the train station. He was in Sabah the weekend because of the MAS Travel Fair.


Ann said...

So cool !!! it is really great when we have the avenues available to enrich our kids memories with things other than shopping malls and city stuff!

Poor daddy had to work though ya!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

I love these little adventures. I guess though we grew up in KL, our parents brought us up with quite a bit of small town goodness.

In fact, in UM, a friend commented that I was not like what she imagined a KL-ite would be. For one, I don't drink or smoke and I've never been clubbing - until today. Just not my taste for "fun".

Yeah, Daddy's been really busy with work. Just can't wait for things to be better...Next week on, I hope.