Thursday, 14 February 2008

Toddler Troubleshooter

Micah sometimes amazes me with his calm solutions to my sudden exclamation to things I forgot or when I just speak my worried mind aloud. These real solutions offered by my three and a half years old.

4 Accounts... as far as I can recall for now.

Today, while driving out to take my sis and her kids out, ...
Mommy: Aiya, forgot to bring the camera. I left it on the table.
Micah: It's OK, Mommy. You can just use your phone.

Another time, Micah ran his toy car under the bed and asked me to get it out. It was one of those crabby days for me when I was tired of picking up after the boys, cleaning their mess and fixing their broken toys. I thought I'd teach him a lesson, so I scolded...
Mommy: Micah, not everything lost can be found and not everything broken can be fixed. No, I can't reach the car. It's too far under the bed.
Micah: Mommy, you can just use a stick. That one behind the door.

Once he saw me struggling to get something from the top shelf of my wardrobe...
Mommy: Arrgh...
Micah: Mommy, how about you use a chair.

The other day, we were at the park (I usually bring a bottle of drinking bottle as well a can of isotonic drink. The boys usually take their can drinks with a straw to prevent spills. That day I forgot to pack in a straw):
Mommy: Sorry, Micah, I forgot to bring a straw. Just drink from the can.
Micah: Never mind. We can just use this one. (He pointed to our drinking bottle which comes with a straw.)
Mommy: But we haven't finished the water yet.
(The other day, when we finished the water and not the isotonic drink, I poured the isotonic drink into the bottle and they had it in the car on the way back. The plain water is also sometimes used to wash their hands. Didn't want to waste that.)
Micah: Just use the straw, Mommy.
(Then I got it. I unscrew the bottle cap with straw attached and stuck it into the can. Problems solved.)

Sometimes the Mommy brain can't help but must give way to new and fresh brain cells!


Our Jouneys.... said...

that's really amazing

rayc22 said...

Tech savvy. Problem solver. Practical and simplistic methods. From my ever increasing meetings and conversations with managers, he seems to fit the mold of a dynamic CEO.

Ann said...

ooohhh....that is so adorable. His analytical mind must come from someone!

hissychick said...

So very, very clever.

A is like Micah. Sometimes a little too clever though. You know how other people tell their kids that they can't have something because they've run out of it? She tells me to go to the store. If I tell her we have no money she tells me to use my card.


Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

our journey,
yeah, he is really amazing. There's just no way to cut corners with kids these days. :P

Thanks. But with Micah, we can't tell. He might just want to sit in the subway and play some techie musical instrument or do aid-reliefs somewhere in South America.

He baffles us everyday with the kind of into he can churn out and the kind of links he makes.
Just a while a go, before bed, we were talking about how I could go deaf if my ears got injured while cleaning it, and he asked me, "then will you work at the toll booth?" (?!!)
That's because we have hearing impaired toll collectors on our highway.

It's true. Threenagers! But I wish real life is also as easy as how they see it from their point of view. I wish.

Trisha said...

I am always amazed by your patience.

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...


have not always been so patient. My younger sis especially can testify to that. Hahaha... We had a lot of sibling rivalry. But For me it was my encounter with God that changed me. Made me want to change.

It's like when you've tasted something so wonderful as perfect love that you know you don't want anything second best. Tasting God's perfect love, accepting me and loving me for who I was, that made me want to be a better person and share the same love I had tasted.