Sunday, 3 February 2008

Sleeping Angels and Tear-Smeared Pillow

The boys finally fell asleep close to 12am.

I was exhausted and frustrated.

I cried to release stress. That's what I do. Hot tears of anger and frustration rolled onto my pillow. There are days like these that I feel like I can't do this. I can't be a good mom.

Kissed my sleeping angels a few times over. Whispered into their ears, "Mommy and Daddy love you so much." Adjust their pillows to keep them from rolling over the edge.

Got a drink for Daddy. Had a few "nga-ku" (arrow root) chips stuffed down my throat.

Now really going to sleep...after I brush my teeth.


Simon said...

my 2 daughters are the sweetest when they are asleep...

(btw, my main blog is at, thanks!)

Ann said...

kathie - sorry to hear that you had one of those yuckiest feelings!
There are good days and there are bad ya! Will keep you in prayer! Take care.

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...


yeah, they are all the sweetest when they are asleep, even after t hey have ran a tornado in your house.


thanks. I think it's having more good days than bad days that keeps us going. :)