Tuesday, 19 February 2008

A Potty Post

Max is still under potty training.

To date he will willingly sit and poo into the potty if you manage to catch him on time. He himself is completely amused by the whole process and will declare, as he sits on the potty, if it's going to be a "small one" or a "big one". Then he'd be really thrilled to see what the end result is. Even Micah is taken in and wants to stare into the potty and then the two boys will follow Mommy into the bathroom to see it flushed down and the potty washed.

I know this sounds rather disgusting but this little one is discovering a few new things about the human body, his body, and so I think it's worth a post. Anyway, I am still coaching him on telling us before he starts to ask for "potty, please".

The peeing part is a little trickier. Sometimes in the evenings after his nap, I'll let him go without diapers and remind him he has no diapers. Still accidents happen like all the time because he is still not too sure about his body signals. Sometimes he will tell me he wants to "shee-shee" but will run in and out of the bathroom a few times before a success. There were a couple of times I took him and cued him to pee. I think whistling and letting water run does work as some kind of stimuli.

After having said all the above, I must say that at one point I wonder if we were ever going to get Max to be potty trained (I know, I know, these things are all a matter of time...) because as a baby he always constipated and so he had this fear of being held over the toilet. So I am glad this is going quite well for this boy.


Ann said...

A friend of mine is using the potty for her son when he was just a few months old. Trained him to make a sign and then held him over the potty! Seemed to have worked for her. Another friend got her son potty trained by 1!!!

But my bbsitter told me to wait till they can sit/stand/walk independently before I try. She reckons the backbone is not that strong yet!

My son used to make a sign "mmmm, mmm" just before he pooped. but now at the bbsitter, they don't train him the same so he has stopped making the warning sign!

But yeah....I guess best to wait till they are ready lest they develope a fear of the toilet bowl/potty and start constipating!

It's so good that you have the time and availability to do it yourself. It will sure safe on the diapers!

U.Lee said...

Hi Kathie, thanks for popping over at both my postings.
As I don't have a link was unable to visit you again till today. Not too late to wish you, 'happy new year', I hope.
Love the pic of your little boy on his 'potty', ha ha.
Well, enjoy them while they young, time flies and before long, 'someone else' will be caring for them, *wink*.
But one good mother is worth a hundred teachers.
Thanks for your kind thoughts re my present and previous posting, Kathie.
I used to note all inportant happenings in my diaries, notebooks, those large 'Executive diaries' presented by HongKong bank, Malayan Banking' etc old days.
But apart from my work obligations, would note any ahemm, of my personal activities in code, same diary.
I brought all old, faded diaries, about 20 of them, plus various notebooks here to read, never thinking I will share with others, till I discovered 'blogs', happy I did not destroy them prior migrating.
And yes, I am reliving all my past experiences.
I have posted some stories before of Canadian experiences, but as I am retired, nothing exciting to talk about.
But 35 years of travelling, hotels my second home, all over SEA old days, having girlfriends in most of the States, ha ha, I sure had my share of experiences as you have read today.
Kathie, 3 of my best recollections, if you have time to read, were:
1/ 'You are not my son',
2/ 'My tears never dry for you',
3/ A Faded letter from the past.
Number 3 is my favourite, and the longest. 19 episodes, 2 episodes every four days, took three weeks to post all. It was about a beautiful, matured lady's love for a man half her age...me!
This was about how a 30 year old, faded letter from her found me here in Canada, shocking me, with only my name, no address.
You'll find them in my archive, all posted past 6 months.
Oh ya Kathie, I looked thru your well taken photographs of your CNY celebrations. Which one is you?
The food sure looked delicious.
My wife though not a Nonya has mastered Nonya and Malay food cooking. She made me lose my bachelor's degree thru her cooking! She did not play fair, ha ha.
You have a nice day, Kathie, Lee.

hissychick said...

Good luck with the potty training. Max seems to be doing really well so no tips form me, just encouragement.

Much better to get in earlier if you can if you ask me....

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...


I agree it is good to wait till baby is strong before proper potty training. But my mum-in-law actually started getting the babies to pee not in the diapers even from confinement days. She'd hold a container positioned appropriately while whistling or making the"nnggg" sound.
Yes, must try to save on diapers., for the sake of the environment too!!

whenever I have time I'd take a peek at your many interesting and colourful stories - all fit to be made into films and am sue to sell well with all the drama! :)
OK. shall look up those few stories when I have time to amuse myself next.

Thanks. Yeah, I guess two is a pretty good age to start potty training.