Friday, 1 February 2008

The Original Joy Juice

We were at my mom's (again) today. I had wanted to hunt for some milk powder for Micah in the shops near her place (the price rise has been crazy for milk since last year).

After all the errands done, we got back to my mom's and I decided to give the boys a treat, as they were quite well behaved. While Max had dragged his other grandma to the park across my mom's house, Micah and I went in with Ah Ma. So I got a can of Kickapoo from my mom's CNY stash, 2 cups and some ice.

Micah and I were half way enjoying our ice-cold joy juice when Max came back, so I gave him my cup.

"What are you drinking, Max?"
"Kee-ka poo."
"Kee-ka poo."
"Yes, good?

After a few moments, I tried again.
"What are you drinking, Max?"

What a tongue twister for Max:
Kee- pa-Koo
kiki-ka-ka-(splutters, giggles)..

We had a good time laughing. He could get it sometimes...

Later in the night, I checked with him again.
"What did you drink today at Ah Ma's house, Max?"
"Dunno.. coco-cola?"

Guess there is joy in that juice.


JLow said...


I have recently started downloading podcasts of Sesame Street episodes of "Word on the Street", which are basically 10min or less mini-shows of new vocabularies.

Caitlin had trouble with the word "predicament". Like you, it's very funny to hear them trying new words!

But I guess it also still applies to adults. Years ago I watched in horror / awe when an Australian tv newscaster badly mispronounced "phenomenon", getting all the m's and n's all mixed up.

rayc22 said...

Love Kickapoo!!!!

Simon said...

haha... i used to drink kickapoo no end when i was a kid... especially from the mamak sundry shop.

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Yeah, they are so cute and funny when they are stretching and training their tongue.

Micah has much better ear-tongue co-ordination and spoke amazingly clear at one. These days, he reverted to talking like Max because he finds him so cute too.

ray22 and simon,
My first introduction tothe joy juice was in my school canteen. When my sis and I discovered it, it became our favourite drink for a long time, a few years...until we got our dad hooked on it too!! *grin*

Ann said...

Oohhh..recently hubby and I have been drinking Kickapoo again too!!

Kickapoo with leong fan (black jelly) tastes quite heavenly!

*lynne* said...

it was only when I went to the u.s. for studies in the early 90's that I learned "kickapoo" is actually the name of a Native American tribe! I wonder how on earth such a brand came to exist in Malaysia/Asia.

(do you remember the toothpaste that was called "Darkie"? That's something you wouldn't see outside of Asia! It later got changed to Darlie, and its image made less racist/offensive)

I too was a fan of it when in school. One of the reasons I got hooked on Mountain Dew while at uni was it's the right color as Kickapoo :-)

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...


kickapoo and leong-fun?! Wow, that's one combo i had never imagined. might consider trying the next time we buy leong-fun from the market.

yeah, mountain due id somewhat similar to kickapoo, but does not seem to have the rignt "kick" to me. :) But with you I always remember coke-up at your place for Raya.

Darkie/darlie. Yeah, I know. Did you know that in Chinese it's still called the same? Black-man toothpaste. Pfff...

Deborah said...

hilarious! come to think of it... i miss kickapoo..

Deborah said...
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