Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Arrgh: Drama In The Womb

Had a Shocker today.
My baby's BREACHEd!!!

Last week the baby was ok, in the right position.
He had been so for the last three months.

Today the baby turned and now it seems it's in an obligue position.
His head is up again, nearer to my left ribs and the bum is down towards my right hip.

Doc' advice is to have C-section asap.
He means tomorrow.

He is worried if in case my water breaks suddenly and will put the baby in grave danger, as natural birth is now impossible.


We want to wait, to talk to this naughty little boy and tell him to get back into position.
Now is not the time to protest on having to come out and try to get too cozy in side.

I am also concerned about having the baby out by tomorrow as both the boys are not well.

My back-up plan now is, if we really have to have the baby out by tomorrow, I might have to stay at my mom's for a week while the boys recover from their flu.

Not the best of plans. I am sure the boys would be upset, because they cannot have Mommy with them and also cannot see their baby.

This is so unexpected.


Ju Li said...

Hey Phek Kin,

Keeping you in prayers. May God grant you the wisdom and peace in making your decision.
Whatever it is, praying for a safe delivery and good bonding time between you and your child.


TripleJin said...

Aiya.... I know how you feel!

My No.2's head was almost his birthday, when he suddenly turned 180deg! He became a footlink breech, as he stuck his foot in my pelvic.

Then my No.3 was forever breeched, lying transverse. Thinking my womb is a nice hammock.

Sigh..Do take it easy ... I wonder..if you could wait till you feel contractions, instead of letting the dr decide. I waited for my third son.... although he was considered at a very dangerous position, I decided to put faith in God. And also hoped that he would turn himself around nicely.

Anyway... take care.

milochel said...

Praying for you kaima..

A gift from God said...

Pray pray pray Kathie.... take care...

Moomykin said...

Thank you all,
for your assurance and support.


Thank you for sharing your story and your faith.

hissychick said...

Best of luck and thinking of you Kathie.

Just remember it doesn't matter how they come out as long as you're both healthy!!

Ling That's Me said...

breathe in, breathe out. be cool and take care! will be waiting to read abt the arrival of the baby :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Mommy, here's hoping everything will be okay and the little guy makesa U turn fast.

As I have not given birth, ha ha...will just say, stay easy, and you'll be fine.
Best regards, Lee.

InfanT said...

we'll keep you in prayer.

little prince's mummy said...

Pray for u...

TripleJin said...

I keep checking ur twitter updates..

hah kan cheong for you.

take care yea..

Jess said...

Take care Mommy! Hope to read baby update very soon ya!


TripleJin said...


Baby and my No.3 share the same birthday!!! I can't believe it!!!!!

Take care Moomykin! Take care!!
Hugs to the lil one!!!!

now i can say, "WELCOME TO THE PARTY OF FIVE!!!!" ;)

twink said...

Congrats. He such a beautiful baby-just like the two kor kors.
Drink plenty fluids and recover soon.
Chooi Lin & family