Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Boys Under the Weather

Both my boys are down with running nose and cough.
Both boys are sneezing off and on.

Micah is constantly reaching for a tissue. I am trying to get him to use a piece twice - fold over and blow again. Save some trees.
His cough is not so bad but he has phlegm in his throat.

Max's running nose is not as bad, but he coughs a lot in his sleep. That is worrying.
He also ran a fever in the evening when I took him to the doc's.

So the two of them are getting a couple of days off from school, much to Max's delight and Micah's disappointment.

So I am to have my check up tomorrow.
Wonder what will the report be, as in just the same-ole, same-ole?
8 days to go....


Ling That's Me said...

hope the boys can get well soon as mummy is going to delivery

Mummy-yeoh said...

Sara was down with cough and cold too. Hope the boys recover soon

TripleJin said...

oh dear..hope they'll recover fast coz the last thing you need is a baby in a house full of sick lil boys!

Take care.

InfanT said...

hope they will get well soon before you leave for hospital to deliver the 3rd one.