Tuesday, 10 March 2009


I am again awake by myself.
Now there are four sweethearts in sweet slumber.

The last few nights, Gadget-daddy had been the one to put the two big boys to bed.
Tonight, because I was nursing Myron at that time, he again had to settle the boys for bedtime - brushed their teeth and get them tucked in. After they slept, he complained that because I am home, the boys were refusing to sleep. Too excited. Kept chatting and making funny quirks.

But I love watching this man with his boys.
He has always been interested and wants to be involved with them.

When we had our first boy, he wanted to bathe him, but MiL was even more insistent.
But when Micah had colic, Gadget-daddy locked our room's door, leaving the anxious grandparents knocking frantically at our door and trying to get in to settle the baby themselves. Gadget-daddy took care of his crying baby every night, about 8pm to 9pm, for a month, trying all manners to sooth him.

Micah, June 2004 - New born

Max was a much easier baby. Even then, Gadget-daddy was ever ready to burp the baby after every feed. And he does such a good job at that too.
While Max's nature is one that is a little more reserve, Gadget-daddy is always encouraging and coaxing him to be involved or to try new things. This of course is not always well received by Max, but he sure needs such a father to help him be braver than he can be. (Mommy is usually more patient and indulgent. :D Maybe when he is a little older....)

Maxwell, December 2005 - New born.

Maxwell, about 1 month old.

Now we have another for Gadget-daddy to burp and change diapers. :)
More than all that, he is also enjoying breathing in the fragrance of the new born and sleeping beside him.

Myron, March 2009 - New born

My boys are so fortunate to have such a Daddy.
I am so fortunate to have such a man.


Ann said...

Aawwww.....you are indeed blessed. Watching our hubby's nurture the kids really make us realise that kids need both parents to be an all rounder...

We each have our role in their lives.

God bless Mike!

Mummy and daddy: Angie and Ben said...

Hi.. just dropped by. You are all so blessed to have such a helpful daddy/hubby.

hissychick said...

Gadget Daddy is a beautiful Daddy.

And can I just say that the divine picture of Myron sleeping has just sent me into a clucky frenzy?!

Enjoy this special time :)

Our Jouneys.... said...

I am so happy for you.....

Moomykin said...


Thanks. From the little of what I've seen of your hubby, he is pretty much a gentleman too.

I recall you saying that you're really happily married too, so that's one of the very best things in life.

Moomykin said...

Mummy and Daddy: Angie and Ben,

Hi. Thanks for dropping by.
Will "visit" you soon.

Yes, I am always glad and thankful that my kids have such a good Daddy.

Moomykin said...


Ahhh... But your Mr.Hissy is also doing a great job.
These great Daddys are really rare jewels.

Yes, sleeping babies just sweeps us off our feet and takes our breath away, yeah?

Moomykin said...

Our Journeys,


You've been one of our oldest friends here on the blog, so you do know us well.

Moomykin said...
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