Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Watching As They Sleep

This was why I started blogging.
I just can't sleep some times.

I have been up for a while now, lying in bed , listening to my three guys breathing and snoring.
Max coughs occasionally, rendering a little interruption from Mommy to give him some warm water to sooth an itchy throat.
Micah asked for milk twice, but the second time, he just went back to sleep without asking again.

These days it is Max who talks and cries more in his dreams.
Most of the time it is a replay of what's happened, or the usual happenings of the day: fighting over a toy, or arguing with his brother who had won a race.
Sometimes he cries very badly and tells me he fell down.
And just just now he said aloud, "Have you got your iPhone?"
His father beside him answered, "Yes."
He opened his eyes then and said, "Not you. I was asking Suk-suk (his uncle)."
To which his father replied, "Is Suk-suk here?"
Max smiled and went back to sleep.

Anyway. Micah was also like that. But since he turned four, his sleeping pattern has been better.

So, for the last five years, and a few more to go, I probably can count with one hand how many nights I have slept right through. But honestly, I just can't remember.

Fortunately for me, there are other adults in the house to help watch the boys in the day should I need a nap*. Thanks to my in-laws, I'm not totally sleep deprived.

That keeps me sane. At least then I can still function in the day, i.e. drive the boys around, feed and bath them, play and read with them.

With one more on the way, I don't know what the demand is going to be like, with three boys calling for attention. But it'll still be no sleeping through the night for sure. Just maybe slower to blog.

* Of course napping can only take place if Micah has something to do that does not involve Mommy while Max is having his nap. But there were days he just had to leave me snoring on the couch with his toy in my hand. I just knocked off in the middle of play. Oops.


Ann said...

oh....maybe the body somehow adjusts to the need to meet the night feeds and all that nightly demands...

good that you have help to see you through the day though.

Somehow we all adjust....the 3rd one will be fine...and even if it doesn't seem so, remember it is only temporary.

little prince's mummy said...

I like to watch my son and hubby sleeping too..

TripleJin said...

Yes...sleeping boys are very very nice to watch. Not hubbies tho.. mine snores. hmmm..

Moomykin said...



I only wish we have as much energy as when we were 18. Hahaha...

Moomykin said...

Little prince's mummy.

It's always a warm fuzzy feeling when we watch them sleep, ya?



My boys sometimes snores too.

Hubby away most of the time, huh?
You are so brave, so strong.
I don't know how you do it.

At one stage hubby was working at very bad hours and then he got posted to Jakarta for 4 months of which we only saw him on weekends.

It was so bad for us all.