Sunday, 15 March 2009

Poop Watching

One of the things I'd learnt since Micah was born and had jaundice is to watch the poop.
(Was contemplating posting a picture of a dirty diaper but I'll spare the rest of the world.)

If the poop's colour is a nice mustard yellow then your baby coming along fine.
If it is pale then you need to watch the baby more carefully.
Greenish poop normally indicated that the baby is not feeding enough.
This is quite common when the baby has jaundice which makes it sluggish, sleepy most of the time, and won't feed properly.

As for nursing moms, we have to cut down intake of herbs*, namely Chinese herbs, because the baby's liver cannot cope with processing the essence of the herbs from the mother's milk on top of trying the clear bilirubin of the blood.

So we have been looking at Myron's poop (diaper gazing? :P) the past few days. Just now it was mustard yellow again, but the whole day today it had been a pale green.

We will continue to sun him, but if he shows no improvement then we might have to send him in for photo therapy again.
I hope not. I will miss him so so much.
So will the rest of the household.

* This does not include ginger and red dates. According to the doctor's advice these are ok. It's the more "potent" ones like tong-guai, etc. that should be avoided until the baby is well again.


TripleJin said...

Really?, they will caution us not to take too much ginger. They know asians use it alot during confinement.

Ah well..all my 3kids had jaundice as well..and it soon shall pass. You'll be able to enjoy a very pinky looking boy soon! Take care.

Ann said...

very heartache when have to be away from baby...and also when the nurse pricks them to find out their jaundice level!

although every phase will pass, each phase can't pass sooner..

hope you and kiddo will be a-ok soon!

Moomykin said...



We are still sunning our little cutie. He's a little more active today, so that's a good sign.



I know. I always turn away, or just look at the baby's face, not the needle when they have to get pricked.

Yeah, True that each phase will pass... We are also praying he will be better faster.

Tina said...

thats good advice it is amazing wat you can tell from your own poo isnt it!

Moomykin said...


Yeah. As disgusting as it sounds, people should learn to look into the toilet bowl more.