Thursday, 19 March 2009

What Confinement?

Thank you all for your well wishes.
You cheered me up after an emotional morning.

Myron's bilirubin level went down just a tiny bit after 20 hours of photo therapy.

The hospital called this morning as we were on our way there to inform us that he has to stay on another day. Sigh... so much for packing his clothes and a towel in the bag.

I know... I know...
It's just a phase. It'll be over soon and we'll never have to worry about this jaundice thing again.

It's just that right now it's just missing my little cutie.
I wish we could rent a machine home instead, but I suppose it's best this way.
After all, he is under the care of well trained nurses*...

So maybe it's somewhat good. Get me to go out of the house three times a day.
Hahaha... Some confinement this is.
At least I am still getting the good food and my herbal bath once a day.
I try to lie down whenever I can... more like taking a nap in the afternoon.
I'd really like to go walking at the mall or catch a movie, but I can already hear my mil and my mom scolding (brain-washed me),
"Walk the mall? You had surgery remember?"
"Catch a movie? Catch a cold-ah!"
"Rest more. You'll get backache-ah!"

Tonight, Gadget-daddy and I will visit him a little later.
He should have milk to last till 9pm.
We will go in later so that Mommy will have more milk to express for over the night.
... Oh, and bring home some sweet baby smell to give us sweet dreams of Myron tonight.

* Just now, I had just spoken to one of them, a very nice lady.
She had been a nurse for 15 years at the current hospital and was trained in England from when she was 19. She is now a mother of 3 and her youngest child is 25 years old. I enjoyed chatting with her, exchanging stories about our children and managing our home with the kids.
She also said I didn't seem like one going through a confinement.
Well, with three kids, and the baby in the hospital, "What confinement?"


Angeline said...

If my eldest SIL is reading this, she'll probably hi-five you....
her 2nd child was under the 'light' for almost a month, she was born way too early and nearly died, so her jaundice was extra-ordinary... same like you, SIL had to head down to the hospital 3 times a day....
she had operation too...
when I was reading this, it felt way too close to my heart, easy to relate and feel how you felt.

Ann said...

Hey....despite everything, rememeber to bundle up and try not to stand outside too long....

It is just one month....try to hang in there...and follow as much as you can. There must be some reason for us to do so....

Hope baby Myron comes back soon!

little prince's mummy said...

Oh~~~~~~~~ Ganbatte!~ Try your best to rest whenever you can...

Pray for bb Myron to come home speedy and healthily...

Bethany said...

Sorry you and Myron are going through this. I know how it feels, since Bethany had bad jaundice too. Hope and pray he will get past the woods soon. ((hugs))


Moomykin said...


it's hard to be separated from a new born. Harder for the mommy than the baby.




Moomykin said...

Little prince's mummy,

I try to take a nap every day, some where between the hospital visits.



Thank you.

Yes, I remember Beth's jaundice too.
Well, it's a phase we just need to get over too.