Monday, 23 March 2009

The Middle Child: Warming Up

Since the Day Myron was delivered, Max has been keeping some distance away.
I called it his Withdrawal Syndrome.

Even when we were at the hospital, Max would busy him self playing with his own thing and exploring the place. But when it was time to go, he would cry and want to stay with me.
It was obvious that he was having some emotional struggle, trying to come to terms with the change of the family's dynamics, now that he is no longer the "baby".

At school and when other friends and relatives ask Max about the baby he would refuse to talk or pretend he did not hear them and speak of a different subject. Poor boy. The middle child's syndrome had begun.

Over the days and weeks we see him getting a little better. He would occasionally, in the middle of his play, look at Mommy and ask, "Mom, where is your baby?" or "Where's Myron?"
And when he sees Micah kissing the baby he now follows suit.

Last weekend it seems like he had come to terms with something within him.
Max gave Myron a little car - One of his favourites.


TripleJin said... sweet.

just let him express his feelings...even if they are negative ones. he needs an outlet...

take care!

Cuddly Family said...

aww bless him...

JLow said...

From what I read about Max and the few meetings, I think he's gonna warm to his little brother very soon.

He's a steady young man, and he knows he is now a kor-kor too; already sharing his fave toy with the di-di.

A gift from God said...

mmmm... so sweet... :)

MnG said...

sweet... :)

Moomykin said...


Yes. He is very different from No.1 who is a real social bug and will talk to anyone.

Max when he warms up to you, you'll be his buddy for life.



He is a sweety.

Moomykin said...


He is getting better every day. Thanks.

I am sure he will look out for his little bro. He even does thing for his big bro, like get him a drink or asks if he's ok when Micah falls down. He is a lovely boy.


A gift from God,

Yes, I always thinks he's the sweetest. Even now with no.3, he's still the sweetest.

Moomykin said...


He is sweet.
Also the cuddly-est.

Ann said...

So glad to see him warming up! Kids react so differently to things and you wre so cool and calm in dealing with it.

Bravo to you mummy....

I think I would have freaked and called you!!!

Moomykin said...

Oh, no need to panic.

Parents know their kids best, as unique ans as different as they are. When your time comes, you'll know what works best for your child.

That's the "magic" of a mom!