Monday, 27 July 2009

Lazy Monday

I am so glad the boys' school is only Tuesday to Friday.
Sunday nights are usually a late night for us, with a visit from my mum.
So I am glad we need not rush for school the next day.

Today Gadget-daddy ook the car to work, so we are just playing at home. While the boys are playing with building blocks and their Transformer toys, Mommy is also indulging in some quiet time for herself:

Lazying in bed beside a beautiful sleeping baby,

... and getting into some reading (Finishing Ripples and will start on Thirteen Tales as soon as I can.)

By the way, Shi-Li Kow's book, Ripples, has been short-listed for the Frank O'Connor award.


little prince's mummy said...

Not lazy weekend? hehe~

Moomykin said...

Weekend was a bit more exciting:
Gadget-daddy and I "ran" out without the kids to do some grocery shopping. They had this offer before 12pm, so we rushed off. Spent RM200 on milk and diapers!!

Funny that that was "exciting" Hahaha...

Ann said...

ooossshhh....the books sound interesting....

Easy read?

Glad you still have time for books....they are so peaceful.

Moomykin said...


"Ripples" is a collection of short stories and very Malaysian. Very at home and an easy read.

I still have not started on the other one.