Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Under Currents - Updates

Turns out that the little bumps/blisters on Myron's feet are actually ants bites.
Phew. What a relief.

Yes, I am so So glad Gadget-daddy was right, and that I need not have panicked and got all worried for nothing.

So tomorrow we will be off to see my grandma.
I hope she will wait for us.

When We were kids, my older sister and I would go to Taiping a few days ahead of our parents with a relative and stay with our grandma, my mom's mom. We would have three cousins (children of my first uncle) if not more (children of other aunts and uncle sent to be cared by grandma full time for a few months if not years) staying with grandma and we played all the time: Hop-scotch, hide-and-seek were our favourite.

We would sleep on an elevated wooden platform, all the kids in a row, with a pillow and a blanket. At certain seasons there would be a huge mosquio net hung across the platform. I remembered the one we had was pink, and it made me think of candyfloss. Usually we all would chat and laugh until grandma comes in to turn off the lights and then we would settle to sleep one by one. Grandma slept on the edge of the platform.

Every morning she would serve us a cup of coffee, with sugar, but no milk, and we would have to wait for breakfast to be bought back from the market. My uncle's wife usually did that for us. Lunch was usually plaine rice porridge with a fried egg each. We added soy sauce and pepper to taste. Dinner was a little more lavish, with a meat dish and vegetables. I remembered her steamed mince pork was my favourite.

Grandma's family lived simple lives. They had no TV, no refrigerator, and no telephone for the longest time. I remembered my mother had to call a neighbour's house and she would holler over the fence and grandma would hurry over. Sometimes my mom would put the phone down first and call again in a minute to save on outstation-calls charges.

It was at her place I had a first hand experience of bathing by a well (getting water out with a bucket at the end of a string requires real skill, I discovered) and using a real outhouse, bucket toilet (tandas tong!!). The later probably gave me constipation for the years to come because I would try not to go as long as I could. It was really too disgusting to describe.


Ah... so many stories to tell... but will have to wait till I come back in a couple of days' time.
Now off to bed for I will be driving that 3 hour journey up north.


Blessed mum said...

glad its not HFMD.

and hope your grandma fine..mine granny too is over 90 yrs old and still tough.

older generation seems to be more healthier than us.

little prince's mummy said...


hissychick said...

Glad Myron is OK, and I hope you make it in time to see your Grandma. I feel for you, my own Nana who is 86 is going in for risky open heart surgery on Monday and while I hope for the best it is a source of distress that I won't be able to see her between now and then.

Take care xx

Ann said...

oooh...glad nothing serious with Myron. But ants??

Anyway....have a safe and delightful trip up north. We were planning a trip to Taiping too one day. Must ask you for some tips on where to eat and stay when we do decide to go.

Moomykin said...

Blessed mum,

I am so relieved it's not HFMD too.

Yeah, the older generation are such an amazing people.
I always blame it on our water and over-consumption of processed food.


Little prince's mummy,


Moomykin said...


Thank you.

keeping you and your Nana in my prayers,

Moomykin said...


doc said they are ants bites, and I really can't imagine from where, but am just glad it's not HFMD.

Ask me anytime about Taiping.

mumsgather said...

We used the outhouse for the longest time at our old grandparents house too.

Moomykin said...


So icky, right?

I sometimes felt like I would cry because I could not hold it anymore. You can imagine the joy and relief when we were informed that they had modern plumbing!