Monday, 27 July 2009


We finally got to watch Transformers 2 in the cinema with the 2 big boys.

They behaved quite well.

Micah sat through the whole show, of which, 2/3 of the show he sat on Gadget-daddy's lap. I suppose it was a bit cold, but it was also for comfort and to have his questions whispered and answered.

Max sat on my lap, but also did a bit of a walking up and down the stairs by the side (we sat next to the aisle).

All in all, we enjoyed the show.

After the show, Gadget-daddy sent me back and took them to the toy shop. These are the "spoilts" they came back with:

But that did not deter Micah from constructions of other kind. In fact, Max was the one more interested in the cars, and Micah spent the whole night building a plane.

It was a great day which ended with a visit from Ah Ma, Ee-ee and Ah Ku.


Ann said...

Oh...bravo for sure looks like a GRAND plane! Nothing like using your imagination huh!

Glad the kids love the show! Did you enjoy your day out?

Moomykin said...


they love the show, but still want some company because some parts are "scary"-stressful.

I love building blocks. So good for them :)