Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Funny Max

Max made us laugh the other day.

First, he acted a little fishy when he came down the stairs with his hands behind his back. I asked him what he was hiding, and he sheepishly showed me a diaper he had taken out from Myron's bag of diapers.

After questioning his intention, I smiled, struggling to not giggle, and got him an "empty"* diaper.

And this was what his "bright idea" was:

Max, you are so funny and so cute!
Love you, darling.

* The "empty" diaper was introduced by an aunt who pulled out the filling of a used diaper (the valcro strap kind, and not poo-ed on of course), washed it and then uses it as a cover for holding up cloth nappies. safer and more convenient than a safety pin!


Ann said...

The empty diaper is a good idea!!!

hahaha....funny Max indeed! Guess he has been watching you and Myron alot to think about that and do that only now?

Moomykin said...


The aunt who gave us the "empty diaper" idea has loads of others which really helps to save the environment by recycling, and also save money in some ways.

Max is full of surprises. And they are sometimes so brilliant you just can't help but laugh out of fascination and delight.

Our Jouneys.... said...

Yes, he is so cute....must meet u some day and see Myron...haven't seen him since he was born

Linda said...

my mil has exactly the same trick.. which took me a while to accept.... :)

Moomykin said...

Our Journeys,

Anytime you're near my place, do come by. Can have dinner with us too.



I know.
Mil followed the aunty's example too when I had my first one and it was very strange to me too. But I'm ok with it now.

InfanT said...

max is sooo adorable

Moomykin said...



We all think so too.