Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Under Currents

I'm in a frazzle.
I feel being swept under by a huge river.

Myron showed 3 little bumps on his feet this evening.
Gadget-daddy says don't panic. Don't be so negative.
I have booked a place at the doc's.
Going off soon to have it looked at.
My greatest fear: Hand-foot-mouth.

I was packing half way this evening.
I had called my mom and asked her to call my aunt in Taiping.
My grandma is dying. She would be 90 this year.
I had wanted to bring the boys to see their great-grandma for one last time.
Been thinking a lot about her the last few days.
She has not eaten for three weeks and now just sleeps all the time.
I am anxious: will we make it before it's too late?

Gotta go to the doctor's now.


JLow said...

Given the circumstances, I wouldn't think "frazzle" is the correct or strong enough description of how I'd feel.

Our thoughts are with you guys.

Moomykin said...


Thanks, my friend.

Glad to report the good news, i.e on the updates.

Maiasaurus Rex said...

I sincerely hope it is not the last time you see her - but having said that I hope all of you made plenty of memories with her that will keep you warm inside for always. (My grandma would have been 90 this year too.)

Ann said...

Ooohhsss...hope grandma is alright....

Read your latest post before reading this....but what I can say is, sometimes best to worry first....but also thank God for the stable men in our lives!

Moomykin said...

Maiasaurus Rex,

Thank you.

The news is that she had stopped eating for a few weeks already, and she is just waiting to see her children before she moves on.