Thursday, 23 July 2009

"New" Toys For Everyone!

We haven't bought the boys any Transformer toys, even though they have been eying on a few different characters. But they are quite good, and have said they will wait for their birthdays and Christmas. (Makes me want to run out right now and get them, and hide them till.. tomorrow?!)

So, today, they got their Transformer toys themselves:

Made out of Lego, Micah made (L->R) "Starscream" for mommy, "Bumblebee" for his brother and "Interrogator Barricade" for himself.
(Quite clever, isn't he?)

Meanwhile, Myron has been busy in his Astrosaucer, Thanks to Aunty Minni, who gave it to him even before he was born!

He also has been busy on a walker with the "Hey Diddle-diddle"* toy strapped onto it.

The "Hey Diddle-diddle" also gets to get some fresh air coz it also gets strapped onto a stroller.

Like they say,
A kid just can't have too many a toy.

* The "Hey Diddle-diddle" toy was a gift from a few lecturers from HELP College when I had Micah. That was 5 years ago! I was working as a student counsellor then.


Ann said...

Your two elder boys are great....not whiny for new toys but improvising with what they have. How did you teach them that? :)

As for Myron....a great share of toys for him too! It is good to get toys that will last through all the kids!

Saucer? Does it really circle round and round?

mumsgather said...

Thats really quite clever! I bet that makes you want to run out and buy that transformer toy even more. lol.

little prince's mummy said...

So good! Can make their own new toys!

Moomykin said...


Most of the time they can "let go" and we can walk in and out of a toy store with no trouble (err... except maybe when they are not ready to leave when you really have to). I am thankful for that.

Maybe part of what has been "taught" is my nagging of how Daddy needs to work hard for money and we cannot always buy toys because of all the other necessity, i.e. electric bills, petrol, milk, school fees, etc.

Some parents may think we need not burden then with such worries, but I think it helps them to realise that many things are more important, things we needs, than toys that we want.

Saucer: yes, the seat can turn round and round both ways, so he can play with all the toys. But sometimes he still prefers the walker coz he can move in it - he can push himself backwards. hahaha...

Moomykin said...


Yes. I really think I should reward them. :)

Aye, you rubbing on my soft-spot too.


little prince's mummy,

Yes, I am always amazed at how creative children can be when we are encouraging and positive in our words and actions.

Linda said...

Clever boys.. i guess you can save the money to buy the transformer huh.... :) If you do get them the real thing, i think just like any other toys, they might get bored in a few days if u r lucky, or in just a few hours if u r so unlucky.. haha

The Astrosaucer is so cool... and so ex... hehe... btw, my almost 1yo girl today got out from the walker by herself... didn't know how because i was busy with the big one. Now I know why walker is so not recommended.. I shall put it away and only use playpen tomorrow. :(

Moomykin said...


After this episode, I told their daddy I think they deserve a transformer toy.
The Lego will come in handy again when there are other new "hot" toys in season.

Yes, when they can climb out of the walker already, it's time to put it away.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

making toys is usually very inexpensive, and you'll have full control over the safety of your masterpieces.

Moomykin said...


Yeah.. and fun for mommy and kids too.