Saturday, 5 January 2008

Aussie Time Hurrah!!

We've been back almost a week and so far they boys have kept to their Aussie time zone quite well.

Max is all ready for bed by 9pm and will fall asleep before 10pm. Micah will then get his teeth brushed and climb into bed with Mommy and falls asleep before 11pm (with other interruptions of wanting to wash his hands because he picked his nose, get his back scratched and have some milk and some water after that).

Usually I will fall asleep with Micah and then wake up like at 4am or thereabout and try to go back to sleep. I have been too tired to sit and blog because the days have been quite eventful as my sister and her 2 kids from Singapore are back this week. So while the boys take their nap as usual, I have other things to see to and don't get to nap. Hence I sleep through the night - I hear this is suppose to be the normal thing...

Anyway, these days the boys wake up about 7.00-7.30 am which is also great because it means they get to see Daddy and say goodbye to him before he disappears for work for the rest of the day. Sometimes, if he is not in a rush, they even get to take breakfast with him. Super!!

Playgroup starts this coming week. We shall be early!!

Yeah, no Kindy for Micah just yet. Still gotta work out his separation anxiety. Hope to get him in by June when he turns 4. Think that'll be better.

Now must get back to bed...


Hello all, You can call me Ann. said...

Tell me about seperation anxiety!!!

Hahaha.....all the best with Max!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Actually, I think Max will do better... I hope.