Friday, 18 January 2008


Many times I hear my kids, especially Micah, but was unable to respond due to certain situation I was in, but they amuse me non the less.

Just about a couple of hours ago, I was nursing Max who had drifted into dreamland but still drinking. Micah had refused to come to the room with us, so I thought I'd settle one boy before dealing with another. Then I heard him:
"Kung-kung (grandpa)! Come quick! It's an emergency. There's a cockroach in the room. I need you to kill it."

The other day Grandma was gutting some anchovies for a soup base and Micah and Max poked their nose into her work.
"Let me help you, Mah Mah. I need to do this first."
Grandma started telling him off, not to disturb her, etc.
"It's Ok. It's OK. Don't worry. See I can do it. It's OK. I can help you-maa."

Often when grandpa and grandma get into their bickering bit (which is like every day), Micah will yell out ,"Don't argue. Don't argue."

Occasionally when he sees a motorcycle zoom past our car, Micah will shout out, "Aiyo! So dangerous that bike! Crazy."

Once when Grandpa drove us to the shops near by and ran a red light, Micah said out loud, "Wah! Red light also go ah?!"

Out of the blue, while we were watching TV, "Mah mah, do you have babies? Where are your babies now?"

Bullets for Mommy to bite:

"Mommy! Come here right now! NOW!"

"Mommy, are you old now? Last time you were also small like me?"

"Mommy, do you have anymore babies in your womb? No more? Because Max and I came out already?"

"Am I deaf?"

This three and a half year old talks like an adult because his ever day companions are his mommy and grandparents. Max, now 2, is starting to talk. Frightfully starting to sound like Micah. I think we will have to suffer naggy children under our roof.


hissychick said...

Hi Kathie,

Can I just say that your boys are goregous?

It's also really funny what comes out of the mouths of our little ones. Micah and A would get along fabulously and have hilarious conversations I'm sure.

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Hi, hissychick.

Yeah, I think Micah and A'd be a hit. I am surprised everyday by what comes out of them every day. Kids are just amazing.

Ann said... the "Don't argue" phrase. Think nothing stops an argument faster than your grandchild asking it of you!

Sometimes their talk is a headache, sometimes it's a joy. Most of the time, it's a wonder!

Though....have to be really careful now!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...


They really baffle you.

Max's favourite phrase now is "Don't know".
Ask him, what's the colour of the chair?
"Don't know" *grins*

Sometimes he will exclaim: "My favourite!" When certain song comes on or he sees a red sports car.