Monday, 14 January 2008


This week Gadget-daddy* and I had a serious take on our plate.

Someone close to us had a "fling" and the spouse found out.
One of Gadget-daddy's cousin sister found out her husband has a second wife.
A very close family friend had stayed on with an unfaithful spouse even after many affairs.
Affairs and divorces.

Some found themselves/ their spouse changed because of a changed situation, often in relation to some kind of success. They want more "excitement" in their lives.
Some felt they got more attention from the other person than their spouse.
Some did it out of spite and jealousy.
Others simply got careless and took their love ones for granted.

It was heartbreaking for us. It was heartbreaking to see the people we care, our love ones, in pain. It was especially hard to swallow when it came to people we thought we knew and "this" was so out of their character.

Don't take anything for granted.
It can happen to people we look up to. It can happen to any one walking down the street. It can happen to you.

Guard the things you hold most precious.
Don't forget what is precious. Don't mistake what is paste for something precious.

For ourselves:
We decided to stay in love.
We want to grow old together.

* Updated on 31 July 2008, Gadget-daddy's name replaced.


Ann said...

Oooh....that is sooo sad!

You are may seem so out of character...but it happened! THey didn't FLEE from temptation fast enough I guess.

Making amarriage work is really a decision both parties must make and be committed to. It is easy to take for granted....

Having a child is another thing not to take for granted.

Making a marriage work with a child....that is what I am learning now.

It is tough.

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Marriage and Kids is like the sum of all is greater than the whole. Figure that.

Sometimes all Mike and I talk about are the kids. But then we make sure we make time for each other too.

Since we got back from Melbourne, especially, we make greater effort to SMS each other through the day and we try to date on Saturdays when the boys are asleep. We run out for a movie and coffee. Pretty good dates. :)