Thursday, 24 January 2008


Micah has been having bad teeth problem for the longest time. It started with bad milk bottle habit - drinking while sleeping, and then not wanting to brush, until it got to the stage that he knew he had no choice but to brush at least twice a day or risk a swollen gum or toothache.

Today we went for a scheduled dental visit. We actually have been going to the dentist a lot. More for him to be familiar with the place, get to befriend the dentist and her sons, look at her stuff and sometimes to see other people sitting under the giant lamp. We probably had 6-8 "no treatment" visits. The last big step he took before Christmas was to sit on the chair and let her have a look at his teeth. He then quickly scrambled off and she finished looking at his teeth in the waiting area.

Today, he decided he was going to be brave. Well, two days ago, Mommy already told him we were going to see the dentist, so she began psyching him up for the visit. When we got there she announced her drill was not working, so she will just check and clean his teeth. He happily sat on the dentist's chair and let her probe around his molars. He was just waiting for her to say "rinse" so that he could use the blue paper cup to rinse. Then she began scraping some of the tartar off and amazingly managed to get quite a lot of the bad teeth out. (She must be so strong!)

When he exclaimed it hurts, she said, "Ok, we'll stop here." And then she had a bit of a filling on her instrument (a sharp hook-like thingi, don't know what that's called) and we called it the toothpaste. She stuffed the hole and he howled.

That was it. It took the rest of the morning to calm him down. No one was to mention of the dentist nor his visit as it would set off the siren the fountain of tears. He fell asleep on the way home. He had been a brave boy.

At least one tooth got fixed. 5 more to go!


Ann said...

hahaha....reminds me of the time when i visited the dentist !

I don't actually remember this...but my parents keep telling me (and everyone else) about it !

I screamed and HOWLED until the dentist got soooo scared of me and mum and dad had to take me home. This after my parents also told me for days that what to expect at the dentist!

But reckon my next visit(s) were better. parents must have used some positive reinforcement technique on me!

Must ask them about it for my own record!

But...oohhh....good luck with the other 5!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...


Micah started teething at 4.5 months and they just kept popping up 2 by 2 every month. So because he had them so fast it was really hard to care for them at such young age.

Max also started teething at 4 months and now has 16 teeth. he seems to have stopped for the time being.

The headaches we have because of our kids, eh?

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...
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