Monday, 28 January 2008

Daddy's Birthday

This year Daddy had a banquet for his birthday that lasted a whole week. It was all because we were already informed of a cousin's 21 birthday bash on the real day, 26 January. Grandma still very old fashion, said birthdays should never be celebrated late. So...

We were at Marco's Pizza on Sunday before. Just us and grandma and grandpa because his bro and wife had something else on.

We were at the Curve on Wednesday. Look at those cute cupcakes he had as a birthday cake!!
Thanks to Kurt and Trisha for a lovely dinner and the cakes. We all had a good time.

We were at a cousin's 21st birthday on the real day.

He actually had two other celebrations with his colleagues on Thursday and Friday night, so it was really a whole week of celebration.

Happy Birthday Daddy.

Just a day and you're another year older! :)


Ann said...

oh...wish Mike Happy Birthday for me!

Loved your statement....just one day (one week for Mike's case), and you are a year older !

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Yeah. That's the thing with birthdays, aye.

On behalf of Mike, "Thanks."