Friday, 23 November 2007


Hey, This is my 101 post!

It's a little celebration for us. When Daddy set up the blog site for me (you already know how not-techie I am!) he wondered if I could keep this up. Honest. It was about a few months after when he noticed that I had about 30 entries that he mentioned he was surprised. Hahaha. So SURPRISE, Darling! I made 101 before December even!!

It's been good for me to put all these adventures I have with my kids down. It's really a record for us all to see how they grow. Some moms keep a record book, some dads do video recordings. Me, not techie enough to handle a video camera (it's all the editing and conversions into CDs etc actually, that I can't do), so I blog.

Sometimes I wish I could put up some really funny pictured I had taken, but I guess having them stored in the computer is relatively safe enough.

To all my friends and relatives who have enjoyed my updates, whether you leave a comment or not, I am glad to have you in our lives. God has blessed us with you who love us so much. You are the treasures in our lives. God bless you.


Ann said...

Make it 102 - I tagged you!!!

JLow said...

Thanks for your sharing too!

The main reason why I am blogging too is for sharing, & understanding the different experiences & advice from other parents, & alos how different kids can be!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Thanks. :)

Parenthood sure's great, aye?

rayc22 said...

From afar, I'm glad and thankful for your blog. In many ways, blogs like yours keeps me connected to my friends life and in some ways, rooted to my Malaysian way of life-LAH!
:) Perhaps one day as a parent. *grin*


InfanT said...

well done, kin!
keep it up!
more posts!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Thanks, Ray.

Thanks, Infant.

It's been a pleasure for me. I think it releases my soul of some of it's fear of forgetting and being forgotten. You know, the now and the not yet sermons of Dr. Chew Tow Yow.