Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Sleep! Sleep!

My boys don't like to sleep. It doesn't help for the fact that Daddy and I are night birds, and of late Daddy's been getting back from work about 11pm.

This evening, after their nap, both the boys got on to the internet to play some games on the Thomas and friends website and also another kids' activity site. Then I managed to get them off the computer to get out for some fresh air. We walked about the back of the house, they spotted some new kittens, caught a ladybug, got wet playing with water and then had their bubble bath. After dinner their uncle and his wife came over and played with them while I showered and made a phone call.

Then it was "Finding Nemo" the whole night, watching the cartoon, bouncing on and off the bed (on to a mattress on the floor), dancing to the song, more scene selections, more bouncing on the bed... By the time I got Max to brush his teeth it was already 10.45pm. Coaxed him to nurse to sleep.
"Sleep, Max. Sleep!"
"Downstairs. Swing"
So we went down. While i was putting on a nursery rhyme vcd, they got distracted and climbed about the sofa. So I took Micah away to brush his teeth. Came back and grandpa was helping Max into his hammoc swing. I put Micah into his.
"Sleep, you guys. Sleep."

After like 7 songs, with Micah talking all the time, Max requested, "Upstairs. Nan-nan"

So we all went up back to our room. Micah asked for more computer time. "No." was the answer immediately. He asked for milk in replacement.

Finally both boys in bed and ready to sleep...or so it seemed! Pillow fight - started by Micah.
"Sleep! Sleep!"
Max gave in to sleep at last. While he was nursing, Micah asked for a video clip on the PSP. Got Max off to dreamland at 12am.

Micah was winding down when daddy finally walked into the room, just got back from work. Mommy went down to fix Daddy his dinner and Micah quietly slipped downstairs and into the kitchen.

"Micah, go up now. I'm coming up already."
No reply. He had found some other distractions in the kitchen.

Walking up the stairs, with daddy's dinner, I felt like a Mom of a teenager : nag, nag, nag... "Sleep!"
Gave Daddy his dinner and lay on the bed with Micah. He started quoting obscure lines from some cartoons, and humming to himself. It took a bit more scolding (Sleep! Sleep!) before he finally fell asleep. 1am!

This is just one of those days I feel like I should had held a whip at 10pm. Now all is asleep and I have to do the dishes and some final preparations for a be-early Christmas party we are attending tomorrow.

...still feeling worked up. Maybe I'll just play a game on the PSP to cool down after the dishes...


Ann said...

What a night!

Hope you managed to nap while your boys napped too.

It is amazing you don't loose your cool. Lost mine one night when my son kicked up a fuss the whole night and felt bad after that the whole day.

Perhaps practice (sleeping late, calming tantrums, amusing child etc.) makes perfect ya!

JLow said...

Caitlin developed a fever Deepavali eve.

The first few days she was actually quite okay, mood-wise.

It was only after the fever abated & the cough just starting, that she became difficult. She usually isn't any of the following, but SHE WAS!
- whiney
- complain-ey
- lazy (wants to be carried all the time)
- crybaby
- waking up too often

It wasn't easy keeping my cool. It did also feel bad to raise my voice at her when all she needs is a lot of TLC when feeling under the weather...

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

With a baby you are stretched in every way, especially your patience and creativity.

Honestly, I have to keep telling myself that he is a CHILD and an individual and so I have to help him to be a good person. It's so trying, but I guess that's shaping us to be a better person too.

Aiks! Those are the moods most difficult to be a "happy parent". It can be a real circus here with 2 boys crying/screaming and more than one adult calling out orders or trying to dish out some form of discipline. Guess you "escape" that while at work. ;)

Another thing you are more likely to "get off" is that if all were to be ill, chances are you get to drug yourself and sleep in while a sick mommy still has to attend to sick babies.
(Not complaining about my hubby here. He's been super at times I've been sick. Just a matter of mommy-daddy ratio speaking.)

But yes, when they are unwell, they need a lot of pampering and happy distractions. Harder to do when more than one demands 101% of your attention. :P