Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Ladybugs Spotting

While Micah was napping the other day, Max and I took a little walk in the back lane. Max found an old flower pot stand and fancied himself in a walker. That was so cute.

I automatically went into bug hunting mode. But since Micah wasn't around, I thought it'd be good to just spot some bugs but give them a break for once and not "imprison them", as Micah puts it.

While I was busy scanning under the leaves of the bitter-gourd creeper, I spotted 2 ladybugs. So instead of capturing them in a container, I captured them with my camera phone.

Then I noticed Max found another interest: pulling at the vines of the creeper. He seemed really thrilled just uncurling the vines and then see them snap off in his little fingers. I know, not very kind to the vines, but it's a new discovery for him.

Spending almost all with my boys finds me looking out for things of their interest almost all the time. This is so true, like when I drive out on my own even, I will be looking out for trains, double decker buses, excavators, bulldozers and tractors and cement mixers.

Such are my preoccupations these days.


Ann said...

It's good that you find it s joy and not a burden.

You were born to be a MOM !

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Well, my younger sis puts it as I am a rather obsessive person. Hahaha...