Thursday, 22 November 2007

I Still Want to Play

Micah is asleep.

10 minutes ago I scooped Micah up to brush his teeth.

"Come on. Time to sleep. Your eyes are going to pop out!"
"But I still want to play."

30 minutes before that, Grandma had come up to scold him, and indirectly, Mommy.
"So late already and still not asleep. Running around and waking up the neighbours (and her too)."
Micah still fixing some train tracks. "But I still want to play."
"No. Sleeping time. Where got children don't sleep one."
"But I still want to play."
Since Grandma was around, Mommy slipped into the bathroom to get a quick shower.

50 minutes before that I was in the kitchen. Finally able to do the dishes since Daddy got back and took a bit of time to talk to Micah before he knock out after a long day at the office. Micah came down and asked for something to eat. He got a few biscuits and started fiddling with a plier in the kitchen. Grandpa was reading the newspaper there.
"Go to sleep Micah. Don't spoil all the things!"
"But I still want to play."
"Go sleep. So late already-ah."
"But I still want to play."
At last Mommy got all the dishes done. Made herself a cup of hot drink and called to Micah to go upstairs.
"I still want to play, Mommy."
"OK. A little while more."
We made some tunnels and a train station with some building blocks and he started looking for his trains. Since Max and Daddy were asleep in the room, I made him play in the back room and after a while he started running to and fro between the two rooms. In the quiet of the night, he must have sounded like an elephant stomping around. Grandma showed up after a while.

We always start telling Micah to get ready to sleep when it's about 10pm - usually after Mommy finishes dinner and has done the dishes and had a little bit of time to play. But it really takes him about 2-3 hours to finally get into bed and sleep. Even that sometimes Mommy ends up scolding and threatening because her eyes are going to pop out if she does get them shut soon!

Now it's my turn to hit the hay.


JLow said...

Sounds like boys will be boys.

I don't have any (yet) but I can recall my nephews acting the same.... even now in Form 2!

Ann said...

Ooohhh.....thks for the tip! Will start telling my son to go to bed by 8 pm then!

Right now, I am still a slave to his "up" and "down" times!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

I think it's as they grow older. Micah was very good, would sleep about 9 - 10pm. Then Max came along and Micah wanted his time with Mommy before bed, so that turned his bedtime to about 11pm, after Max sleeps about 9pm.

Then when Max turned 1 he decided he was not going to miss out on any action. So for the last year we are only able to get them to bed about 11pm- 12am, when they are finally exhausted!