Friday, 16 November 2007

Chewing My Nails

If I were they type to chew on my nails, I would have lost a lot of my finger nails today.

Max had quite a fall today at Ah-Ma's house. He had had a soft candy which he held in his hand and when done he said "sticky". He headed to the sink to wash and I went along side him as fast as I could (he's running really fast these days). He pulled out a stool which Micah had just used to wash his hands and climbed on it. I went up beside him, made sure he stood on it steadily and turned on the tap.

Then the next thing I knew "swoosh" and "Waaah!" Some how the whole stool slid off and he landed with his head on the floor. I appeared as cool as I could as I picked him up and tried to comfort him but I knew it was a hard fall and crash on his head. He refused all distractions and even refused to nurse. I was really scared. After what seemed a like eternity, he started to pay attention to what we were showing him outside the window. I asked him a few questions of his interest: What color is Lightning McQueen? Doc Hudson? Sally? Dory? Nemo? He answered them correctly and with a smile each time.

Half an hour later he nursed and fell asleep and we went home. I prayed all the way home and was contemplating if I should call Daddy to let him know (I am the type who will feel better by just talking about my anxieties, even in situations no one can do anything about). I watched him carefully the whole day. He is alright. By night time still no vomiting so He is all ok. My mum called to check on him too. We are all relief and thankful.

I don't take anything for granted. A friend of mine was mopping the floor when his then 3 year old son woke up and ran out, slipped and landed on his head. He was unconscious and woke up half an hour later at the hospital, vomiting. He fractured his skull. He is all ok now, Thank God, but that's one scary story too close to home.

Later in the evening, while playing with some of my old sports medals (plastic and it's not sharp at all, more like a hockey puck), Micah slipped and hurt his finger. I did not see what happened exactly as I was in the kitchen, but his uncle brought him to me and his left middle finger was bleeding. He was of course screaming and crying, but allowed me to hold a kitchen towel over the finger for a while and then put a plaster on. I have yet to take a closer look, as he was quite traumatized by the pain and shock. I think he flipped and broke the nail right in the middle. Ouch! Poor baby.

A few weeks back, Micah fell down the stairs. He rolled down 6 steps and landed on his back at the mid-section of our stairs. I must have screamed, because Grandma rushed up and said she heard the yells, but I really can't remember doing that. Of course Micah was screaming and crying. He and I were both in shock. I didn't see how he fell, except the last bit of him landing on his back.

Before that I was feeding Micah and Max some soup on the landing upstairs. They were bouncing on an up-side down basket and I was scolding them because it was such a potential for accidents. As I bent down to pick the basket up, Micah ran behind me and Then he was at the bottom of the 6 steps. Everyone freaked out, and until today when Max walks down the stairs, he will occasionally remember and say, "Koh koh, bomm." (Big bro fell.)

There was this boy at the playgroup who broke his arm because he fell down the stairs, and that was just a three step fall. Just thinking back of Micah's fall makes my heart pound and gasp for air.

Maybe because they are boys, or it's boys at this age, but there is sure to be some kind of accidents ever day. Either one or both the boys would have bumped their head, or knee, or scraped a knee or clipped a finger. (They are running and jumping about almost all the time, so what would you expect, right?) Most of the time it's really quite minor and nothing that a cuddle and a little rub or a plaster could help sooth the pain. But there are so many scary stories of children and bad accidents. So far I am just so thankful to the Almighty God that my boys, despite their accidents everyday, are OK.
(Heart pounding still.)


Ann said...

Oh...for the life of me!!! This is what I have to brace myself for in years to come????

Mummy-yeoh said...

I can imagine how you feel! I got worried when I found Sara on the floor off the bed.

No matter how careful I am, she will some how land herself on the floor or something especially when she started to learn to cruise around. But the comfort we have is knowing that we can cover our children with prayers and trust Him to keep them safe

JLow said...

I am going to tell you a sad story.

This is about a relative-thru-marriage of mine, Shirley. She had 2 daughters.

Shirley wasn't home. Shirley's mum was in the shower. Shirley's eldest 5 or 6 yr old daughter wanted to switch on the air-cond. She climbed up to the window to close it, and fell out the first floor window. The grandma said she heard something from the shower but brushed it off. The girl was found unconscious downstairs, blood coming out of her ears already.

She didn't make it.

My sister-pediatrician (this is her inlaw's side) told my mum they were all in tears for weeks, compounded by the fact that Shirley was actually in China seeking possible treatment for a cancer that the locals could not effectively cure.

I can't even imagine the pain of hearing such a news when you are away overseas.

I say Shirley "had" because she is no longer with us either.

I was at her funeral (I had gone to school with her too, by the way). I saw the youngest girl & her father. The girl was too young to understand what has happened; probably under 3 yrs old only.

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

what can I say but, yes, brace yourself for all kinds of heart wrenching experiences as well as well heart warming ones.

I guess mums must be the people on earth who pray the most.

I am sorry to hear of such a loss to your family, even though so distantly related.

There are 2 things I have been to afraid to even mention before this,
1. lose a child who can never be replaced;
2. to lose my husband especially now. It's too horrible to imagine bringing up my kids without a daddy.

As parents we should be SO careful with ourselves too, or our kids will really suffer in their loss of a parent or even both.