Thursday, 1 November 2007

Micah's Word of the Day

I was taking him out of the bath tub today when he asked,
"What is attract?"

Mommy: "It's like when you see something you like and want to see more of it, or take a closer look. Like you are attracted to trains and tractors."

Micah: "Like the butterfly attracted another butterfly..."

Mommy: "Yes, because of their colourful wings, right?" (We had just read this in a book 2 nights ago.)

Micah: "Or I am attracted to you. Also max and Mah mah..."

Mommy: "Yeah...(giggle) ok. Thank you."

Done dressing him.

Micah: "What's that again, Mommy? What track?"

Mommy: "Oh, you mean 'attract'?"

Micah: "Yeah. Attract. I am also attract(ed) to lady bugs and spiders and katydids...
(Got distracted by something else...)"

Knowing Micah's amazing memory, he will come back and ask me for the meaning again, or he will just easily incorporate it into his everyday conversations.


Ann said...

Wonder where he picked up the word!

Sometimes kids pick up the things you don't want them to pick up...and never learn things you wish for them to learn!

There must be a parenting trick to this! :)

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Tell me about it. We find it amusing yet scary coz when Micah scolds his brother, he sounds exactly like me!!