Sunday, 25 November 2007

National Science Centre - Part 3

I had wanted to put this up a little earlier, but the last few days we have been really tired and at the end of the day it seems almost too much "work" to take the chip out of my handphone to transfer the photos into the comnputer and then have to resent the phone all over again. Anyway, got that done now and ... are more exciting things to do at PSN (Pusat Sains Negara).

There's actually a bird park further down from where the rabbits and butterflies are. At the aviary you can see an ostrich, which strangely is in the same enclosure as some sheep. Then there are some peafowls and turkeys, plus ayam serama (miniature chickens) and some other fowls.

Beside all the birds, there's a great water-hazards obstacle course. Here is also a display of physics at work involving water and gravity. Boy, did the boys have fun!

We actually saw a toad swimming in one of those hydro-science wonder thingis.

A week later, we went by and this time we discovered that there's actually an aquatic farm at a little corner (Seems there's always a new discovery everytime we come by this place). Here is where they keep other interesting fishes that are not out at display, plus, I think, a place for breeding and growing the fries. They also grow some water plants here.

Then there's a playground that's just by the rabbits which we take a ride on the swing now and then. There 's also this liquid density thingi (sorry, don't know the right name for it) that swirls and makes beautiful patterns when you turn it. It's one of the boys' favourites there too.
It's really the best place to take your pre-preschool kids. Go on a weekday and almost the whole place is yours. Here there is no worry of too many strangers swarming over you and the kids. They can almost run free. Also there's no pressure or temptation to have to spend money as in a shopping mall. And we get some extra vitamin K running in the sun.

So take up an annual membership of RM60/year for 2 adults and 2 kids (age 3-12, babies go in for free, Sr citizen's fee is RM3/entry) and you get to use the library too! So glad for the friend who persuaded me to join in. And now we go there regularly for playdates. All that is worth the hassle, considering that we have to travel almost 30 minutes without jam to Mont Kiara!

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