Thursday, 29 November 2007

Relatives Wrangling

Since last weekend, our house has been a popular stop over for visiting relatives.

There was the Sabah relatives that came to stay a few days before and after their Vietnam holiday. On the day they arrived back from Vietnam, another aunt from across town put a night up at our place too. She stayed a night because of some supermarket sale near our place the next morning. Home makers will be home makers! They are usually Super Shoppers at the supermarkets too! The whole place was a buzz. Honestly. Not to be clan-ly rude, but Hakka's talk really loudly. Of course I just get a faint idea of their boisterous chatter because some words sound familiar in my dialect, but they sound like they are arguing all the time!

The day the Sabah relatives left, my sister from Singapore arrived about 3pm (and she comes attached with 2 babies). I picked her up, brought her straight to our place and she stayed a night. The next day we were heading to the Science Center. We did the Science Center thing alright, and we were so glad that the day passed by without any major "drama". Just too exhausted by the time we all hit the hay.
Sister and babies (one 2 years and 3 months, and the other is 6 months) are now staying with Ah Ma. This morning I let the boys take their time to warm up to the day. Then about 12 we left for a friend's place in PJ. We picked up my sis and her babies along the way (the friend we were visiting is an old friend of ours and we all now have kids about the same age) and played for 3 hours there. On the way sending my sis back to Ah Ma's house, Max fell asleep. Micah wanted to go down to play at Ah Ma's. So Grandma suggested we stay there for the rest of the day (we had agreed earlier to have dinner there that night).

While preparing for dinner, I chatted a bit with my mom. Ah Ma said it's like a circus in her house. I laughed... because I know exactly what she means. While she was fixing delicious Bak Kut Teh and Hokkien Mee, I was running the circus with the 3 older kids (my 2 boys and Sister's girl). We were doing the trapeze in Ah Ma's bedroom: I tossed them, swung them around, swung them around up-side down, gave them horseback rides and became the hungry monsters that wants to eat toma-toes and pota-toes and fish-fingers and cherry noses. We all had fun, and boy, am I glad we didn't have any "drama"!

By the time we were done and got on the road it was almost 10pm. Micah fell asleep in the car because he didn't take his afternoon nap. Max got home, talked to grandpa, asked for daddy (who was still at work) nursed and fell asleep almost immediately. What an early night for me!! Now I want to make my hot drink and play some PSP before I sleep.

Today is one of the best days for the boys. And such an "early" night for me!!


Ann said...

Hmm....when their day is filled with active waking hours, the nights are ever so peaceful,ya!

My boy has earned me 3 full nights rest the expense of playing with him all evening!

Mummy-yeoh said...

Sara sleeps eraly too when she plays too much in the day. Which its good I suppose

JLow said...

Well, all I can say is... YOU HAVE A PSP??


Caitlin is also almost always zonked in the evening if I have taken her for a swim. I guess that applies to adults too, at least for me, if I had done some laps. For her it'd be the equivalent of splashing & kicking in the water.

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

ann, mummy-yeoh,

It's alway good to wear them out then send them to bed... provided they are not the type to have disturbing dreams in the night. ;) (Check out jlow's post on that.)

Yes, I have a PSP. Actually it's Mike's. ..Oh, so is this Mac I'm click-clacking on. I am incidentally techie and incidentally cool because of his toys!

There are other playstations in the house but, for the life of me, I don't know how to operate them and don't want to know. Saves me from the kids asking for all kinds of games. As it is I feel like they are too much in front of the screen already.