Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Current Projects

Sometimes I get this surge of creative inspiration and will do stuff for my kids. Stuff my mum and mum-in-law would call waste-of-time: Better to buy from the shop. But to me it's somewhat therapeutic and I feel it's worth the hassle to recycle and be original.

I did this crawling-ants "toy" out of toilet-paper centers and a string some time back. Just wiggle the string as you pull in and you'll get a couple of ants running across the table. I had intended to put three ants on the string, but was interrupted at work, so it's just two ants.

Right now I am making my own stickers with a pond theme. I draw on the empty parts of a sheet of sticker paper after all the original stickers have been used.

Now that I have 2 boys, I will have to be fair and make everything ina set of 2. When I am satisfied with my stickers, then the next thing to do is to get art block and paint the background for them to stick the stickers on. The only thing is I doubt that we will keep their "art" at the end of the day. It'll all probably get trashed into the paper recycling bin or be stashed away among some books and papers on their toy shelf.

When Micah was a little over one, I made him a pull-along train out of 3 empty tissue boxes. He would put all kinds of stuff into the train and Mommy was asked to pull the load most of the time. Then after a while, they were used as storage boxed for his small toys and things that had come apart. Those have since been trashed. No evidence to show for now.

More on a personal note, My sis has lent me this really interesting and funny book about a woman and her family, namely children. It's entitled "Life Among the Savages"! She had told me some of the funny stuff in there and I can't wait to get started...except that I am afraid of another sleepless night of non-stop reading. So I shall wait for Friday to come.


Mummy-yeoh said...

These are really good ideas. I have recycle some stuff for Sara too. I have always enjoy arts and crafts altho I have to scratch my head for ideas.

Every now and then, I will surf the net for stuff to print like black and white pictures for Sara to keep her occupied. And I have save some 'trash' like Brands bottles (for glass painting someday)ribbons and strings for Sara.

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Wow! that's really great! Actually depending on their personality, handcraft can be either so great or such a groaner. Micah can't sit down to do any craft that takes more than 3-5 minutes. He'll just tell me: You do-lah; and run off and play. Some crafts he'll just look and say No. Hope you get to do all you dream off with Sara. :)

Ann said...

heh heh....not bad leh. Can get some ideas from both of you on how to occupy my son later on!

I love crafts too and will most probabaly be making most of them, (hopefully with him as well)!

Nothing like doing it ourselves I reckon rather than buying!