Thursday, 2 August 2007

All As Usual...?

Today seemed like any other Wednesday for us: all up and ready to go out by 10.30am.

We gave my sis a ride to Bangsar on our way to the National Science Center. Today we spent some time exploring a different section from our usual hang-out spots. We stayed for just a couple of hours then headed home. Both boys fell asleep in the car and I had some time to read the newspaper while eating my lunch at 2pm.

Later, when the boys woke up, we did the usual stuff: play with the cars, watch a bit of TV, run around the house (me included), jump on the sofa (just the boys) and let a couple of grasshoppers and a spider go (grandma had caught them earlier in the morning). Dinner was quite fun and easy: Micah was Nemo, I was Coral, grandma was Dory, grandpa was the stingray/Crush and Max squirt. So I just kept calling Nemo to eat some fish food (rice with chicken) so that he has energy to swim around the sea... and the aquarium and carry rocks (cushions) to stop the filter's pump. He finished his dinner in no time.

After clearing up the boys, had my dinner and shower, Max asked for Cars cartoon again. Both boys watched some of the show, as half the time they were running in and out of the bed room and their playroom and went down for some chocolate milk. Just as we reached the final race in the show, Max fell asleep on my lap. Micah hugged him and kissed him. I had to move him to our bed quickly and quietly.

Now Micah had Mummy all to himself. So we did the things he wanted: Pick some trains he would bring a long to Taiping with us into a special bag (birthday present from my sis - Tua Ee); Changed his bedsheet into a Thomas one, got it from Tua Ee for his birthday also, but now using it for the first time. Then we read his current favourite book which we borrowed from the Science Center Library: Big Book of Trains. Finally he agreed to sleep.

I chatted with my younger sis who stays with my mum until Max stirred for a feed. Then Mike called at 1am, after having been on the London Eye. Now I'm just getting ready for bed. All about done... but...

My day just seems incomplete without Mike... sigh...


Ann said...

Good you had lunch over your newspaper!! bet that is PURE LUXURY for you !

Poor you....missing hubby....glad he is back now though (a lil' late at catching up on your blog news)!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

It's always good to have Daddy around. I always feel the boys don't get enough of his time too. :)
Personally, it's always been a comfort and assurance just to have him home, even if we don't get to talk much on days when he comes home late and leaves early.