Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Happy Birthday Xue Bin!

We were down in Singapore for Xue Bin's birthday. She is now 2!

The trip we make is always too short. We left on Saturday about noon, after picking up my mum and Xue Bin's jelly-cake. By the time we arrived at my sister's place, we had enough time to settle in a bit then freshen up and go out for a lovely dinner at Rio Brazillia.

The next day we were at the zoo from 11am till 5.30 pm. The three younger children took turns napping on the one stroller we brought along. Micah throughly enjoyed every part of the zoo trip. He did not show a single hint of being tired. He is really like the Energizer Bunny that goes on and on and on! The most wonderful sights were the three white tigers, the elephant show and a crocodile in a glass enclosure. It's awesome when it swims right next to the glass!

Of course the other highlight for the kids was the children's playland. This was where we took KFC for lunch.

We wisely went straight for dinner after the zoo then back home to wash up. Amazingly Micah was still up and about. So we decided to be adventurous and took the train out to do a bit of shopping. We left the 3 month old baby with his daddy. By the time we got back it was almost eleven. Got the kids changed into their PJs and finally all went to bed almost 12am. It sure was a full day of fun for us all. Of course Micah was most delighted we got to go on a train ride. :)

My mum stayed on for another week to spend more time with her other grandkids. We left Singapore on Monday about 3 pm. By the time we got back, it was dinner time and then they boys gave the grandparents their gifts and finally hit the hay at 11pm. I stayed up to do the laundry and ironing and finally to read some mails and check out some of my blog buddies' updates. Lights our for me was 3+am.


Ann said...

My turn to envy you just a bit....wish I could go to Singapore!

Anyway....have you heard about the balls play area? I heard they have poo, vomit and even needles in those ball play areas. Can't locate the article I read about it. So, please be careful. I think a young boy died coz he was accidently injected with something while playing in balls! SCARY!

Mummy-yeoh said...

The boy who died because of playing in a ball pit is actually an urban legend. But my husband had said not to allow our baby to play in any ball pits. His reason-the balls are not clean :) But I had my share of fun in the ball pit when I was a kid

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Thanks, you two. I know. Apparently the boy caught a bug that made him sick. Mike stepped into that ball pool and said it was his knee depth. We watch them all the time, one each, and made sure nothing goes into the mouth and they don't dive in altogether.