Thursday, 16 August 2007

Old Pal

This was a very special meeting with an old pal.

We were in school together from primary one till we were 17. That's 10 years of friendship. Of course we were not always like 2 peas in a pod, given that we were not in the same class most of the years, but we were together in the Girl Guides and that was a very cozy community in our days: did lots of fun stuff in school, though some not very productive and could be considered as a waste of time, and we also took BM tuition in Damansare from a retired school teacher, Puan Sarah. There were special memories we share: an inter-school Girl Guides' peace camp we attended in Titiwangsa, some camp fires and over nights in our school, taking part in the Merdeka parade and a Hari Raya visitation.

It was great to get to catch up a little. 2 hours is not enough for anything more than just doing a rewind of the last 20 years on both sides. Of course the 2 hours was interjected by a lot of "Micah, ...." and "Max, ...", but we managed to have a very good time.

I have come to this conclusions, which was what I realised from the last gathering with my St, Marians 1989: We are all adults now and what ever misgivings or misunderstandings we had in school, it's in the past. No more Miss popularity contest nor awards given to the talented or the brainiacs. We are all better off in some ways and worse in others. We are all humans. Most of us are wives, not as many are mothers, but we all have a treasure chest in our hearts for keeping friends.


Ann said...

As we get older, somehow friendships of the pass become more precious to us.

What is it about the pass that fascinates us. Are we holding on? Or is it just a fascination of how much we have changed since then!

life sometimes passess uus by and without the pass as a benchmark, I guess we don't really know how much we have grown and changed...

(another philosophical Monday morning)

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

My give on that: I think it's our fear of mortality and being forgotten. That we'd just pass by this earth without any significance. That's we speak of our pasts, tell stories, write books and keep records, erect monuments and paint portraits/ take photos. It's so that the Future will know of our existence.

If we can remember our pasts, we have a better "record" of our existence and maybe more of us will be known by the future..

I think it's true. Through my parents I know of stories of my great grand parents from China. So they are "surviving" in the present and not just in terms of DNA.