Saturday, 4 October 2008

Adventures And Misadventures

The first night and the last night in Singapore were the most heart pounding ones for us.

The first night:

Gadget-daddy had to go over to Suntech City to have a dinner-meeting/meeting-dinner (however you put it) with some colleagues in Singapore. It was still not officially a public holiday as yet. So my sister and I decided we would eat at a shopping mall near her place. It's not a very big mall, but the food court has quite good food.

We got some Japanese food (bento box) for the kids. I fed the boys, my sis her kids, while the her hubby and our mom took turn to go get their food.

Done feeding the boys, I decided to get my Nasi Padang.

When I returned, I saw Micah, but Max and my mom were not there. I thought she had taken him for a walk. She suddenly turned up and asked where is Max.

My heart skipped maybe 20 beats and I started on one end while my mom took the other end of the center of the mall (we were on the 4th floor, the middle is like an open area where you could look down to the concourse.) I actually peeked into a video shop and an electrical shop, in case he had wondered into a shop he fancied.

I must have the most worried look on my face because a lady suddenly asked, "Are you looking for your son? He is over there" and pointed further down the path. As I looked, I saw my mum in hurried steps and the caught the last to screams of a terrified boy. But he was at last safe in her arms.

I scolded and lectured him while I held him tight. I suppose I was as frighted as he was.

The story behind the missing boy:

He had run off when I went to get my food. My Mum wen tafter him, and then Micah went after my mum. Somewhere in the middle of their "exploration, Micah, who had caught up to his bro, turned to run baack to the food court. So it was Micah leading the way, followed by Max and then my Mum behind them. Somewhere along the way, Max got distracted, and my Mum did not see the little boy veering off somewhere. Che got back to out table to see only Micah and no Max. She went another time to search for him, and this time when she got back, I was already back with my food. The rest is as above.

After that, due to all the excitement, I was actually gobbling my food down, still in the mode of the adrenalin rush.

The last night:

I had a fall.

To cut the long story short, I was distracted by my crying nephew. I was trying to cheer him up, while I was piggy-back-ing Max and missed a step.
I landed on the floor on all fours and Max slid off my back. He was not hurt but cried out of a shock.

We had gone out to pack dinner back to my sister's because her girl and Micah were still asleep at 7pm (late nap). Gadget-daddy stayed back to watch over Micah while we took a walk to the next block where there were lots of shops and restaurants.

I managed to walk back to her place but by the time I got to her house, My right foot hurt so much I could not even stand. It was sheer pain the moment I put a little pressure on my foot. I suspected I had fractured a bone, but am thankful later to discover it's just a very bad sprain.

Later I was laughing with my sis, saying when I fell the first person I cried for help to was my Mom. She said, "yeah, we still want our Mommy."
Now my Mommy's the one giving me a good rub on my badly sprained ankle.

So that's the Misadventure of the our first and last night in Singapore.


hissychick said...

Oh you poor thing. I can understand your panic when Max went's what we all fear isn't it? Glad that all turned out well.

As for your sprain..what bad luck but also a decent opportunity to get some nuturing yourself.

Take care

A gift from God said...

Gosh... Thank God you are all back in one piece... :) by the to be more are pregnant!! take care...

milochel said...


I wanted to bring over some dorayaki for the boys yesterday...

but afraid you guys might not be home / might spoil their dinner from the PB and choc..

Moomykin said...


Yeah. Losing our kids is really the scariest thing.

I got lost a few times as a kid, but I think those days there weren't so many perverts and crazy people around. So a parent would know that sooner or later you'll find your child. These days it's a whole different story.

Moomykin said...

a gift from God,

Yeah, gadget-daddy was obviously upset when he found our from my sis and that I fell. She got home before I did, and he came down to meet me at the lobby of her apartment just as I got there.

Thanks God it's just a sprained ankle.

Moomykin said...


Thanks, kai-lui.

We were out last night till about 11pm. We went to my mum's to meet my younger sis who had 2 friends with her and they wanted to meet the boys.

Hahaha, our own celebrities. ;)

Ann said...

oh...please be more careful!!!

You are in NO CONDITION to be taking chances ok!

Now I am so worried for you!

As for missing kids....sigh....just saw a show on human trafficking...

Pray through all their wanderings, they will never be lost with God.

Our Jouneys.... said...

aiyoh thank God everyone (including ur unborn baby)is safe and sound...

Moomykin said...



We hope Max has learnt his lesson. At least Singapore is safer than here. That was one consolation, and that it was a considerably small mall.

As for my ankle, am much better now, thanks. Still a little painful and I will try not to walk so much for the next 2 days.

Moomykin said...

Our journey,

Yes, am thankful all of us are well and got home intact.