Thursday, 9 October 2008

Feeling Strangely Bare

Today, as I was going to get the boys into the car to send Micah to school, Max decided he would stay at home and play with the trains.

So Micah sat in the car seat at the back, all by himself. Usually Grandma and Max would be there with him, and Grandma would be fussing, trying to get them to take some breakfast and Max would be busy chatting away to himself and occasionally calling for Mommy's attention. There would be a friendly competition of who spots a train first or yelling out what characters of Cars they see on the road.

Today's ride was rather quiet. Micah would now and then ask about something that came to his mind, nothing really of what's on the road. Then we got Ee-Ee (my sister) and she help give Micah some porridge the rest of the way to his school.

My sis and I took our time over breakfast and then leisurely browsed a supermarket. I bought the boys some cereals and a packet of chips for Gadget-daddy's welcome home snack (to go with a kickapoo float while watching a movie tonight).

Picked Micah up from school at 12pm. He fed himself some porridge leftover from breakfast and then had his milk. By the time he finished his "lunch" we were at our street. Home sweet home.

While my sis were enjoying our no-fuss breakfast, Gadget-daddy called. I told him of Max staying home and I felt strangely bare without my little attachment.

Hahahaha... Looks like Mommy's having separation anxiety.

Yes, I missed my little one this morning. It was out of our routine.

He was glad to see me too, when we got back, but declared he did not cry for me.
Ahh... he's growing up so fast.

Then I asked him if he'd like to go out with us tomorrow or stay home and he said,
"Go out with us (you)."

There is comfort in routines for little ones as well as for Mommies. :)


Ann said...


Now a days when my little one is not with me, I also feel somewhat "too" free!

We get used to the non stop chatter, even the bawls and the cosntant need for attention...although sometimes we still crave silence....but not too long!

Sigh.....God give us strength whent he day to let go finally hits us.

Oh yeah...blessed is the man whose wife thinks of his snacks and FLOAT! ooohhh.....

Mummy-yeoh said...

I have my bouts of separation anxity too! :) I enjoy the peace whenever Sara is not with me but not for long before I misses her. I was already wondering how I would be when she starts her kindy and she is not even 2 yet!...*sigh*

Wonderful Life said...

Wow, the kids have their breakfast in the car??

Moomykin said...


I know what you mean about "too"free. It is pretty strange, eh, when all is quiet and suddenly we don't know what to do with our free time. Hahahaha...

That's when I will go look up a book to read.



Take one step at a time. When she does start kindy, you'd probably have worked out another routine for the 2 of you and you'll be happy with that. Enjoy her while she's still toddling around you. :)

Btw, on any Mondays or Fridays (not a public hols) and you want to check out our play group, just let me know, ya?

Moomykin said...

wonderful life,

Hello. Thanks for dropping by. :)

My son goes to a kindy that's 30 minutes drive away. Good ole grandma usually tags along to help take care of the boys, i.e. feed them breakfast, and keep them entertained.

She then also have some time with me, my sis and the younger boy to hang around near where the kindy is till school is out at 12pm.