Friday, 24 October 2008

What You Hear Is Not What He Means

The boys were playing together then I heard Micah say,
"Max, mo-I have a truck?"

But before Max answers, Mommy jumps, in:
"Micah, it's 'may I have,' not 'mo I have'"

We all giggled and laugh as Micah really tried to to correct himself.
He still said "mo-I" a few times, and then we knew he was doing it on purpose.
Then he asked nicely, "Max, may I have a truck?"


After a while they were playing some other pretend games. This time, Max was going to give a present to Micah. It was actually just an empty box.

Their pretend play ended like this:

"Max, please, give it to me."

"No, wait. You must wom-it first" (holding it between his palms, trying to "warm it").

Micah then bent over at his waist and went "Urrrgh" (pretend to vomit).

Mommy, reading the papers near by, burst into peals of laughter.
Both the boys looked at me and laughed at me laughing.

So I explained to Micah what his brother had mean.

"Oh" he said. "Vomit means must go to the toilet, Max."

Max laughed. "Wait, koh-koh. Let me wom-it first."

And we all laughed again.


These kids are so funny.

At one time, Max would call
the excavator an exegator,
Mommy was nanny and
"the jungle" came out as "ber-jungle."
Orang-utan sounded like "oh-wan-tan," and
not to forget the kickapoo funny.

Micah, when much younger, would say
"sneeep" for sleep and
"sfmall-sfmall" for small, small.

As much as we need to correct them to speak accurately, we can also enjoy these baby moments.


little prince's mummy said...

It's a great experience to hear toddler learning to speak~

Something About Us said...


I also enjoy how my son trying to drive his message across bcuz he often pronouce some words in a funny manner.

yup! enjoy the moments while they last :)

- Linh

Moomykin said...

Little prince's mummy,

Yes. They are so funny. And sometimes it's like a guessing game, trying to figure what they are trying to say to you.



Yeah, when they say something in a funny way, they are just so cute,yeah?

They can really bring the sunshine out on a gloomy day.

milochel said...


the vomit one was the best... hahaha... can't imagine micah would bend and "vomit" hahaha...

JLow said...

9 month old Caleb has the weirdest laugh at the moment.... it's like a like a cough+engine-cannot-start sound...

Gotta record these and all other funnies on video!

Moomykin said...


Yes, we were still laughing about it the rest of the day. And, we were still laughing when we repeated it to Gadget-daddy when we picked him up from the train station last night.



Oh yes, do try to capture those moments. It's something that will be gone and never repeated soon.

They grow so fast.

Ann said...

Oooh....the vomit one was hilarious!

Yes, good to enjoy these moments.

Moomykin said...


Yes, the boys also laugh at themselves when they retell this to their aunts.

It's going to be loads of fun for you too when your boy starts talking. :)