Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Confessions of An Almost Three Year Old.

Getting Max ready for bed. Putting his pajamas on.

Mommy: Did you have good day, Max?

Max: Yes. (Short pause) Remember we had a lot of fun. Remember the party? Next time I want to bring my cars. There was a monster truck there.

Mommy: Which party?

Max: Remember? Bethany was there.

Mommy (doing a quick scan of her memory cells of what party he might be referring to as there was a more party recently at Micah's school...but Max was not there): Oh, you mean the party with the swimming pool?
(That was like 2 weeks ago.)

Max: Yes, with the swimming ppol.

Mommy: Yeah... that's right. And who took you swimming?

Max: Daddy. I love Daddy all the time.

Mommy (wanting to double check that): What did you say, Max?

Max: I love Daddy all the time.

Then he went on to talk about Daddy loves playing games. Daddy is at work now, in Jakarta...
Busy chatting on and on with Mommy, while his eye lids were obviously getting heavier and heavier. Then...

Max: Mommy, I want nan-nan now.

He closed his eyes almost immediately as I got him to nurse and was far far away in dreamland within 5 minutes.

This is such a sweety boy.

Ahhh... contentment.

That's a record for you, Dear.


U.Lee said...

Hi Mommy, ha ha, he loves daddy.....
As the saying goes, 'a man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest...'

And to your kid...his mom is a never ending song in his heat of comfort, happiness, and being. He may sometimes forget the words, but he will always remember the tune.

By the way, if you got nothing better to do, take a peek at my archive, 'bring up Audrey', d/d 5/8/08.
A friend of mine old days story.
You have a nice day, Lee.

Ann said...

Oh sweet....

Contentment its BEST.


Fern said...

this is so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet..

JLow said...

Very sweet indeed...

Somehow I don't expect that from my son!


little prince's mummy said...

He loves daddy so much meh? ALL THE TIME somemore.. daddy must be sweet to hear this...

Moomykin said...


I did read that particular post before and it made me cry. Can't remember if I left a comment, but it was an amazing story. Thanks.

It's amazing the kind of bond we have with our parents. We remember them till the day we die... and maybe even sometimes till the days of our children they are still remembered.

have a good weekend.

p/s- really love your posts on Fall.

Moomykin said...


Yes. It's a comfort and a contentment.

I know some couples actually challenge their children to love one more than the other, but that's just crazy - so bad and confusiong for the child.

I always remind them that their Daddy loves them very much, despite the lack of presence at home.

Moomykin said...


Yes, Max has always been such a sweet baby and lovely boy.

He will tell me quite a few times a day too, that he loves me.

Pandai to melt a mother's heart.

Moomykin said...


maybe you guys show your love to each other differently as a family.

We vocalise that a lot.

Moomykin said...

little prince's mummy,

I was surprise by the way he phrased that "all the time" too. Usually we just say "I love you" and sometimes "I love you so much" but I don't recall ever saying "I love you all the time" even!

Well, Daddy read the post and he said it really made his day. He's being worked like a dog these days trying to tie things up in Jakarta.

Something About Us said...

your son is so sweet to say that about his daddy.

I am sure your hubby is over the moon now :)

- Ling

Moomykin said...


Yeah. He said it really made his day. :)

He travels a lot these days and most of the time the boys are not into talking on the phone, even though he calls like 2-3 times a day. He comes back on weekends.