Saturday, 18 October 2008

An Announcement

We went for our monthly check up this morning.

Both the boys came along. They either entertained or annoyed the few people in the small crowded waiting area. Some people were waiting in the corridors instead of the Doctor's small suite at the hospital.

We went in, reintroduced both the boys to the doctor who had not seen them since the time he pulled them out of Mommy's womb.

So, this little one that's coming is now 19 weeks and 4 days.
Expected due date: 11 march 2009.

Then the most awaited time for all: Ultra Sound Scanning time.

Both boys were a little restless as they could not quite make out what's on the screen, but Mommy had a string of questions for the Doc.

3D scan?
No need for 3D. The 2D is the only one you can see the structures and organs, etc. 3D sees mostly surface, like if you want to see the features. That's not so important. The 2D can already see if there is a cleft lip, and that all the bones are developing properly. Also can see all the organs functioning well.

Checked for the thickness of the neck?
Looks normal, 2mm. Right for the size/ term.
Good news*.


- This he had to take a while to look as the baby was a little shy at first, kept the legs together.

- Ahh... I thought of so many friends, and my sister who have told me they are saving their girls' dresses for us...

- Even some have said a girl would be a good balance for the boys...

- Oh, and Jlow, remember the talk about plaiting your daughter's hair (sorry, which post was that again)?

- "If it's a girl she's going to rule the whole house," so my mum had declared.

- All the cravings for cakes, fruit cake, fruits, salads....

- And then we finally managed to see "it".

- The doctor's words: " You see this? This is "it".

"So it going to be a ...


"So another one like these," he said, smiling, pointing at my two cheeky restless monkeys.

Well, we are just so glad it's going to be baby that's healthy and whole.

So, too bad, no playing dress-up/doll-up for Mommy. No plaiting hair for Daddy...
Easy for me to just keep my boys' clothes for another one... No need to buy "new" sets of toys. :)

Just so glad the baby's well.
So so glad.

* On the last check up, we did a blood test. The doctors' office called us back for a review, and we knew it was going to be "bad news". We were told this baby was in the "high-risk" side of Down Syndrome but the results were not conclusive. To be certain, you do an amniotic fluid test. There were risks involved, and the reason why people take the test/risks is that if it's a positive for Down's, they will plan for a termination - more crudely, abortion.

We decided not to take the amniotic fluid test. Prayed that all will be well. Worried and prayed ever so much harder. Told only a handful of people as we did not want news to reach the grandparents, not wanting them to be "anxious over nothing". So Thank God it is ok - confirmed by measuring the thickness of the fetus' neck.


JLow said...


Ah well, no need to "upskill" the Daddy then! He already knows what he needs to know!

JLow said...

Forgot to add: Two times over, moreover!

Something About Us said...

congrats to your family!

as long the baby is healthy, gender doesnt matter :)

- Ling

A gift from God said...


3 hehehehe....

Moomykin said...


Hahaha... both Gadget-daddy and my concern is:

Gosh, will we have enough energy to run after yet another boy?!!!

Moomykin said...


you are right. The bottom line is that they are healthy.

On our end, we should be able to care for them and bring them up to be people that are caring and constructive in the community.

Moomykin said...

a gift from god,

Wow, indeed!

The real wonder though is that they are each so different in character and personality. Each one a precious individual.

Cuddly Family said...

hahhaa congrats hunny!

welcome to the 3boys club ;)

glad everything is ok, that is the main thing :)

Moomykin said...



Yeah... e boys club!!
Phew... I am already tired before the 3rd one is out. Hahahaha...

Yes, the most important thing is that everything is ok.

InfanT said...


You guys can start thinking of another name starts with M again...
wa...triple M club.

little prince's mummy said...

Wow! this is wonderful!~ Congratulations!

LittleLamb said...

Congratulations. Have a safe 9 months journey. Take care

Ann said...

That's GREAT ya!

After the intial scare, nothing beats just knowing the baby is alright!

But I know how it feels when the gender doesn't quite turn out the way we expected!

Moomykin said...



Yeah... we are having a hard time trying to figure that out.

Technically it's 4M, don't forget the daddy. :)

Moomykin said...

little prince's mummy,


Moomykin said...



And welcome to my blog.
Thanks for dropping by.

mumsgather said...

Congratulations. Another cheeky monkey eh? Now you will be the rose among the thorns and be pampered by all the boys in the house when they grow up. Hehe.

Moomykin said...


Thanks. Thanks for praying. Yes, the most important thing is that the baby is healthy.

As for the gender, well, We had always wanted a girl/ girls. But we are ever so happy with our boys. We are enjoying them so much too.

Moomykin said...



Yes, another cheeky monkey.
3 little monkeys swinging on Mommy's apron strings. hahahaha...